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[#29. Common Apartment for The Elderly]

There is a common apartment for the lower-income elderly. Now there are 164 householders and 90% of them live alone off basic incomes. The fee is only $40 for the recipients of basic living. They can get customized services depending on their condition.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Korean government plans to build safely housing which provides customized services for elderly people like the common elderly housing.

[#28. Shared Spaces and Programs for Future Creators in the Broadcasting Fields]

G-HUB has not only shared spaces but also offices for startup companies. They have signed a business agreement with Kakao to foster contents and aims for a virtuous circulation which supports good contents and expand job positions by contacting broadcasting companies.

Reference :

[Start-up Asset Management] meetup from Shareus was held at Commons ground on March 8th.

They talked about how to manage the asset. The speaker, 'Yusonyeong' shared the know-how that how to train spending habits to save money.

We would like to announce that due to unavoidable circumstances from the animal shelter 'Yuhengsa' which was introduced as the chosen shelter, it is no longer possible to conclude the campaign with that shelter.
Therefore, we will conclude the campaign with helping another local animal shelter called '나비야 사랑해 (Nabiya Saranghae)'.
'Nabiya Saranghae' engages in activities such as rescue, treatment, temporary adoption protection, and neutering of stray cats in order to make people and stray cats live a beautiful world together. They are also doing a project called 'Project Hope' for mistreated, wounded abandoned cats and dogs to be cured and helping them find a new family and home.
Information on the animal shelter can be found here.
Also due to the change, we would like to extend the scheduled end date (15th of March) for the donation campaign to 22nd of March.
Please kindly understand the circumstances and join the campaign before it finishes.
Keep your eye on the campaign! :)
*The campaign tracking page will be updated shortly

[#27. Sharing movement in the logistics field]

There is an application for shared delivery service in Korea.
It helps unemployed people or retired people to earn profits. It also can improve the perception of delivery service and delivery people, and help the environment problem.

Reference :

Last night we had a great meetup about applying blockchain technology to donation at Commons Ground.

We checked out the current situation of donation and organizations. It was great to think about why blockchain technology is needed for donation.
The guests even had a chance to donate using blockchain technology and MicroBitcoin

[Blah-Chain : Talk11. dApp (Decentralized application)]
Last time we talked about what Ethereum is and learned that smart contracts and dApps are the main features.
So, what is a dApp?
Blah-Chain is coming every week.
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[#26. Commons Movement to make cultural cities]

The Culture City Research Institute works for the social role of an architect to make architects positioned as independent producers.
And their goal is to discuss and to construct buildings and to make projects to teach youth architecture so everyone can build the city by themselves through Commons Movement.

Reference :

[#25. Commons Movement in Gwangju]

Gwangju Metropolitan Government has opened ‘Gwangju Sharing Center’ in 2017 where lends various items such as baby products, travel goods, books which are donated.And it operates programs people can share experiences and talents.
The cumulative of usage has been increased three times compared to last January as people’s interest in sharing is growing

Reference :

[Blah-Chain : Talk10. Smart Contracts]
Last time we talked about what Ethereum is and learned that smart contracts and dApps are the main features. So, what are they?
Today, let’s talk about what smart contracts are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Blah-Chain is coming every week.
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The '문자도(moonjado)' minhwa art class from Shareus was held at Commons Ground on the last 27th.

Minhwa is Korean traditional art that includes hopes for long lives with good health, wealth and prosperity in daily life.
Min means “the people” and hwa means “drawing”

Here are many kinds of minhwa, '모란도(Morando)' is the painting of peonies, it means represent wealth and honor.
'연화도(Yunhwado)' is the painting of lotus flower. it means hoping to become pure and clean.
'화접도(Hwajupdo)' is the painting of flowers and butterflies. it means hope for love and unity between married couples.
'초충도(Chochoongdo)' is the painting of bugs. it means the beauty of nature '소과도(Sogwado)' is a painting of vegetables and fruits. it means the importance of continuing the lineage of the family, prosperity
'책가도(Chaekgado)' is a painting of materials for reading and writing. it means hoping to be in the habit of studying '약리도(Yaklido)' is the painting of a carp jumping out of the sea at dawn. it means hoping to pass the exam at once
'문자도(Moonjado)' is a painting of words with decorative images. it means to give lessons and to pray for fortunes.

The '문자도(moonjado)' minhwa art class is the chosen word, minhwa design, and draw with colored pencils.

블록체인 기술이 기부 시스템에 적용되었을 때 후원 문화에 어떠한 새로운 가능성을 불러올 수 있을까요?
현 시점에서 블록체인 기술을 이용한 후원의 한계와 보완되어야 할 점은 무엇이며 앞으로 준비해야 할 것은 무엇일까요?
블록체인 기술을 적용한 기부를 직접 체험해보고 함께 논의해보는 자리를 마련하려고 합니다.
많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

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모임 내용
일시: 2019년 3월 12일 (화) 오후 7시 30분 - 9시 30분
대상: 비영리단체 활동가, 기자, 블록체인에 관심이 있는 사람, 기부에 관심이 있는 사람
인원: 선착순 30명
장소: 커먼즈 그라운드 (서울 용산구 보광로 112-3, 3층)
* 블록체인 기부 체험을 위한 5000원을 현금으로 준비해주세요.
(블록체인을 통하여 전액 기부됩니다.)
1. 후원 및 구호 활동의 현황
2. 블록체인 기술의 적용
3. 현재 진행되는 블록체인 후원 프로젝트 사례
4. 블록체인 기술을 이용한 기부 체험
5. 한계 및 문제점, 개선 방향

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