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Holly Conrad  Bird mom🐦 Tiefling💀 Trash Witch 🕯 Artist 🎨

Seaming silicone for days, SECRET PROJECT REVEAL ON WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYYYYUU also thank you @soloroboto for molding and casting this wonderful secret

Since I can't post any art pictures of my secret project here's me looking haggard at @highlightcoffee again, WEDNESDAY STREAM BIG REVEAL WOW 12-3!!

Almost done with the Secret Project. super stressed so obviously it's time for more coffee. @highlightcoffee ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️💦

@rubberninja and his sweet lil Hunneybun 😭🐦

@mortemer and I went shopping today and found an amazing store, thank you @shoptenzin for being so sweet and having such cool stuff!!! If you need awesome creative supplies for costumes etc. definitely go!! I wasn't paid to say this they were just so sweet lol 👍🔮

Thanks for the new color Stephanie @frenchysbeauty!! And @theamazinglacey for the pin! 🖤🔮Orph is pleased

Fake wooden face sculpted and cast for my Secret Project for the #streamofannihilation w/ @dndwizards 👍

This myad bean 😭😭😭🐦😂

Feathers holding a charm of him by @ohmyemi! These will be Pigeon Pal rewards on my Patreon! ❤️🐦

Just keeping it real for #mermay

Fun time with the frands

A fun picture from a while ago 🔮🦉

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