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Ralph Figueroa  Comedian/Producer/Emcee/Radio Host/Army Veteran: "I'm sharing my show at a time!" Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Flickr: @ComicRalph21

Mission accomplished! Tonight was our final show on this AMAZING tour for our troops in Southwest Asia and honestly, hearing the troops say over and over again how grateful they were that we came to share laughter with them was such a great feeling words can't even begin to describe. Trust me, the honor was all ours. We're the ones grateful to be here for all of YOU! To my GIs of Comedy brothers Daniel Betts, Benari Poulten, Key Lewis, Pj Walsh and Kirk was an absolute honor to have shared all of this with you guys. You gents kicked ass on this entire tour. Thank you AFE for making this all possible too. What you guys do for our troops all over the world is awesome. Please continue to stay safe out here, come home in one piece and hopefully we'll see all of you way sooner than later. #GisOfComedy #SouthwestAsiaTour #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy @gisofcomedy @armedforcesent

Today is the @gisofcomedy last day on this Southwest Asia tour and it's been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Everyone here has gone above and beyond taking care of us since day 1 and these troops have been so grateful we're here sharing laughs with them but they have no idea how much of an honor it is to perform for THEM. Remember that Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it isn't a "holiday" just about BBQ's and cheap cars's about remembering our heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our county. Take the time to pay your respects to those fallen heroes and be sure to thank their families for their sacrifices as well. We'll see you all very soon and please keep these brave men & women in uniform in your prayers! @armedforcesent
#GisOfComedy #SouthwestAsiaTour #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy HOOAH

The @gisofcomedy are halfway thru this @armedforcesent #SouthwestAsia Tour and so far it's been an AMAZING experience! This right here is our main man Garry, former Army 1SG who's been going above and beyond to take care of us since the day we landed. Can't even begin to tell you guys how much we respect this man. I freakin love this dude, he's the BEST! We've still got a few more shows to do for our troops and they've all been so grateful we came to make them laugh and bring them a sense of normalcy, even if it's only for a few hours. Sometimes, that's all it takes. We're trying to talk to as many troops as possible, never forgetting to let them know how proud we are of them. Please be sure to keep all these brave men and women in uniform in your prayers so they come home safe and we'll see you guys very soon.
#GisOfComedy #ArmedForcesEntertainment #AFE #SouthwestAsiaTour #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran HOOAH #HandsomeDevilComedy

Daniel Betts, Benari Poulten, Kirk McHenry, Key Lewis, PJ Walsh and I made it safe and sound to Dubai on the first leg of this @gisofcomedy tour. Now we're heading down range to deliver some much needed laughter to our troops who are serving our country so far away from home. I am truly honored to be sharing a stage with all these hilarious military vets. Alright fellas, let's give these troops some GREAT shows. We'll definitely let our servicemen & women know how much WE all appreciate them for their service to our country. HOOAH!
#GisOfComedy #SouthwestAsiaTour #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy @armedforcesent

The @gisofcomedy team landed safe and sound. We checked into our rooms, we found this fresh fruit and this @armedforcesent dessert waiting for us. How COOL is that? Time for a shower and a quick power nap before dinner with the team. Oh yeah, a shower sounds good right about now. Lol
#GisOfComedy #ComicRalph21 #SouthwestAsiaTour #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy

Finally all the @gisofcomedy are assembled and ready to board our connecting flight to reach our final destination. Can't wait to get there...seriously, I can't wait lol...this is going to be a long flight!!! I'm going to watch EVERY movie they have on this flight. Hahahaha 😂
#GisOfComedy #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy

And we're off!!! The @gisofcomedy are back on tour and today we're flying out to go entertain our military brothers and sisters overseas. It's going to be a super loooooong flight but it's all TOTALLY worth it to be able to bring tons of smiles and laughter to our troops that are stationed so far away from home. Big shoutout to @armedforcesent for always providing quality entertainment for our troops all over the world. Let's do this! See you soon.
#GisOfComedy #ComicRalph21 #ArmyVeteran #HandsomeDevilComedy

I just wanted to wish this amazing, beautiful young lady a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I had bought us tickets to see U2 to celebrate her day but then this GIs of Comedy tour came up and without thinking twice, she told me do the tour and go share laughter with our troops because they need it more. See how awesome she is? I hope you have a blast tonight babe and I'll be with you in spirit. I love you Marifoofs!! 😍😘
#HappyBirthdayMarifoofs #ComicRalph21 #Figgs

Damn, another one gone way too soon. I ain't gonna lie, this one hurts a lot. Cornell's voice was truly a "voice" of my generation. I learned how to sing because I wanted to sound just like him! Today, I truly "Fell on Black Days" for real. My prayers go out to his family for all the heartache they're going through right now. RIP Chris Cornell...and thank you for sharing your amazing voice with the world!
#Soundgarden #Audioslave #LikeAStone #BlackHoleSun #FellOnBlackDays

The GIs of Comedy are back on tour and this time we are going to Southwest Asia to perform for the troops! This is our FIFTH international tour with Armed Forces Entertainment! This tour will have our GIs tour vets PJ Walsh (Navy), Benari Poulten (Army), Key Lewis (Navy), Ralph Figueroa (Army) and the new guys Kirk McHenry (Marines) & Daniel Betts (Navy). We are grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to share laughter with our servicemen and women especially when they're so far away from home. Thank you for your service and we'll see you guys very soon.
#GisOfComedy #ComicRalph21 #Figgs #ArmyVeteran

Happy Mother's Day to this awesome, beautiful woman! Edward & Bella are beyond blessed to have such a kick ass mom who always puts their needs way before herself. She obviously had no idea that when I came along that she'd now have 3 kids to look after. Lol! I love you Marifoofs. Enjoy your day momma!
#HappyMothersDay #Marifoofs #Figgs #ComicRalph21

First thing I did this morning was call my mom to tell her how much I love her and to just say thank you for being my mom! My mom is one of the most amazing people on this planet and not a week goes by that I don't call her to tell her that. I love you Vieja!
Do yourself a favor and don't wait to tell your mom, step mom, foster mom, cousin, aunt, grandma, maybe even a sister or whatever strong female influence you had growing up how much you love her because some of us wouldn't be who we are without our "moms". Happy Mother's Day to all the selfless, hard working, put family first moms out there who make this world that much better because they're in it. This is YOUR day, enjoy it. #HappyMothersDay

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