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Alex Lanei  For the next few days I am not an artist I am a lazy seal on the beach in Cape town!


Modified hydraulic support Converse. This hydraulics are designed to mimic the Stretch of a foot and act as a support in high gravity where just taking a step on a flat surface can feel like landing on gravel.

The Sleep Monster along with his trusty dog, visits little children and helps them fall asleep at night. This was one of my favorite portrait I got to make for Christmas, which went home to @tjmuehleman daughter. The sleep monster was his creation, that he would tell stories of to his daughter to help her fall asleep.

Thanks for all the like and comments and wonderfully 2017 of drawing! :)

As @hamillhimself said “Droids save lives!” and recently one has be stealing the show! Does anyone know if he’s giving a thumbs up or....

It’s been a while since I was able to draw something just for myself and it has been making me think about my progress as an artist and where I would like to be. I’ve got to take some time to think about that carefully I know I’ve wanted to make comics but, I’ve been finding it hard to make the time. I still no that it’s fresh I my mind it time to set goals and follow them through: increase inking speed, post more often and set aside time to write each week and finish that comic. 👌🏾

Self portrait illustration commissioned by @marcohernandez_.
DM me to catch my holiday special until the 20th December. $100, any character you want, print included, shipping is extra. .

Cute girl with a pistol.
Commissioned by @thigpenology
DM me to catch my holiday special until the 20th December. $100, any character you want, print included, shipping is extra. .

My favorite Internal organ is a set of pumps that processes your blood. DM me for a chance to grab one of 20 ‘Kidney Pumps’ for $200 in a Shadow Box frame. Also check out the Holiday Special on portraits in my profile description.

Rev up those lungs!! A lot of you have been asking for a t-shirt with this design, I promise I’m working on it! In the mean time I’ve made 10 of these ‘Dual Lung Engine’ they have 4 floating Layers in a 24x36 shadow box frame for $400. They where really hard to make. DM me if you’d like to Grab one of these for the holidays!

The most sophisticated camera we have. DM me for a chance to grab one of 15 ‘Digital Vision’ pieces, for $200, floating in a 9x9 shadow box frame.

It processes your alcohol but, not many people know what it is. Show some love for your Liver with this mechanical interpretation for Christmas. DM me to grab one of 20 framed ‘Alcohol (Liver) Filters’ floating in a shadow box frame.

Keep your tank full and your engine running. I’ve got 20 ‘Stomach Tanks’ floating and framed in a shadow box for $200. DM me if you’d like to grab one of these before December 20th.

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