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Skott Jimenez  The comics I'm posting here are all from my collection. See more at the link below.

Signed by Dave Dorman and Jason Moore. And bothe shared some cool stories about this book.

Bringing back #2fortuesday in style! @alternacomics actually has a lot of great covers!
#2ndissuetuesday #2fortuesdaycbh

Sometimes you buy a #comicbook because you love the cover

Just arrived from @comicxposure and are in as perfect condition as you can get AND two are signed!
@zombie_tramp @cody_james_lockwood #ZombieTramp #fangoria #mailcall

I love this print! Now that I have it signed by @theofficialbrianpulido and @zombie_tramp the next step is to see about getting the diva of death some Dan Mendoza style tattoos like he did for @cody_james_lockwood
Yeah, I'm copying but his remarked cover is SWEEEEEET and it's no secret I got the idea from Mr. Lockwood!

Last week's haul. How sad that the only @marvel books I'm excited about are reprints of decades old comics.
#myweeklyhaul2018 #Dollface #alternacomics @zombie_tramp @alternacomics

This is it. With these books I'm done with @marvel until they stop allowing their "talent" to continue to attack fans.
From Tom Brevoort to basement level people like Gabby Riveria I'm tired of these people calling fans like me racists, sexists, whateverist.
These people flat out hate diversity.

#weirdalyankovic @alfredyankovic has a family who's 3 today!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nina Yankovic!

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