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Comfort Farms 

We have some amazing goodies being offered at our farmers market on the 18th at Comfort Farms and on the 19th at the Bolton Rd Farmers market in Atlanta. Featuring Artisan oils from @oliverfarm both sunflower oils and okra oil. Yes you heard it right.. Okra oil! In addition we carry the best artisan salt in the South East from @bullsbaysaltworks . Look forward to seeing you. Get there early to try some of our delicious samples. #farmersmarket #georgia #veterans #locallygrown

The only thing better than eating great food is watching how that food fuels you for the next fight. With over 40 months in combat for my first 8 years of service, soldiers like myself destroyed our bodies. We had no choice to eat MREs and other food from the cafeteria that were designed with long shelf life. Couple that with vaccinations and drugs and many vets are left struggling with health. I for one developed Diabetes type 2... Pissing off docs is what I do best. Stubbornness has caused me to refuse to take any meds. Instead... I'm hard charging towards a more healthy sustainable life. Docs can't believe my Blood Sugars are in Normal range without the meds. My approach is simple. Give your body what it needs to thrive and take away anything that is hindering progress. For me it's sugar and bread. Thank God we raise animals with Classic Fats and grow vegetables that are nutrionally dense. Hitting the road soon and all my workouts will be powered by the farm. #pushingforward #teamnoexcuse #farmfit #diabetes #cycling #triathlon #running #keto #paleo #primal #kestril #roadbike #shimano #fuel

Been collecting cast Iron all summer from folks who wanted to get rid of them. We will use these for some serious open 🔥 cooking this fall and winter #openfire #castiron #heritagefire #outdoorcooking #culinaryequipment

How should you hold a knife for butchering? Our Master Butcher Davis Wells @wellsharpened goes over the mechanics and ergonomics of holding and utilizing a butchers knife. Email us at to discuss pricing a class with your staff. We have several classes that will fit any budget. #butcher #heritagehogs #retail #training #cheflife #fromthefarm

Community we would like to introduce you to our newest members of our pig Dynasty. Ameilia and Isabella. Two Beautiful Old line Gloucester Old Spot,  spots. These hogs are magnificent and they will sit in quarantine for a few days and move over to their new pen before being introduced to the herd. We are super excited about this breed. We are literally consolidating the best in old line genetics to bring you the best in what pork has to offer #boutiquehogfarmer #cheflife #piglife #bacon #GloucesterOldSpot

Good Pork is happy Pork! Hogs love the Mud! #enrichment #happypigs #tastebetter #raisingthemright

Hunting season is right around the corner and one of our vets that volunteers at comfort farms is creating food plots. We will kill a Toad back here! #georgia #monsterbuck #johndeere #foodplots #veterans #stagoutdoors

@wellsharpened sharing traditions #butcher #feast #prepare

@wellsharpened is explaining how bone dust can ruin your finished product. #butcher #knifeskills #chops #teaching #cheflife

Our Clients are loving the whole Coppas we are bringing to them. #wholehog #coppa #steak #realpork

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to show the Culinary staff of the Atlanta Country Club how to utilize a whole hog from comfort farms. We offer 3 Courses. Basic Butchering for retail cuts, curing/smoking and Sausage making. This is a great way to educate the staff on the whole use of the animal and offer your customer base a local product grown and raised from the farms of middle Georgia. @wellsharpened did an amazing job explaining to the staff how to utilize the whole animal and how to earn profit from the purchase of a whole Comfort Farms Hog. #butcher #education #chef #knifeskills #wholehog #finedining

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