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We have several finished hogs ready for serious Georgia Charcuterie programs. Our approach to raising the best pork in the south east is adopted from the mentality of some of the best wine and whiskey makers in the world. Just like there are many versions of Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Merlot's, Bourbons, Scotch, Blended and Single malts. With Each one crafted with care and Artisanal expressions that create the uniqueness of which they are recognized. We create hogs that have regional relevance to the Piedmont Region of Georgia. Our hogs are bred and selected to transform forage into dynamic flavor where they have foraged on oaks, Persimons, Privet, plums, Pecans, farm raised produce, Black Soldier fly Larva and eggs. Keeping in the traditions of what free ranged Georgia hogs use to do in the 1800s. A Comfort Farms Premium Finished hog is one that has undergone several seasons of what nature provides from spring through fall and back again. We are now giving Seasonal Georgia chefs and Butchers the ability to purchase the primals of our hogs for their Salumi programs by partnering together to purchase the primals from each hog. If you're interested in joining in with other Georgia Chefs and Butchers to obtain Primals please reach out to us. #salumi #charcuterie #piedmont #georgia #chef #butchers #bestofthebest #heritagepork #winemaker #artisan

We had some GMC students Working with @kudugrills today. They fell in love with the simplicity of the grill.

Good Morning Community!
We look forward to seeing you today at the Comfy Funky Pumpkin Patch located on Comfort Farms. Great opportunity to take family pics for the holidays. Watch out for the gang of piglets that like to cause terror不... And don't forget your appetite. We will have the best HAMburgers made in the country made from pork like it should be and not that knock off meat they call beef不 ... See y'all there #community #milledgeville #countryfolk #familytime #fun #pics #farmlife

First fire of the season. It's absolutely beautiful with this cool weather #firepit #burn #bonfire

We will be working through the night setting up our Comfy Funky Pumpkin Patch. See y'all tomorrow #milledgeville #pumpkinpatch #heirloompumpkins #fall #familytime

Our daughter Kaitlyn building Scarecrow's for the Comfy Funky Pumpkin Patch that's being held this weekend at Comfort Farms. #kids #fall #pumpkinpatch #crafts #flannel #countrygirl #Georgia #milledgeville

This Jarrahdale Pumpkin is one of many Heirloom Pumpkins you will find at our
Comfy Funky Pumpkin Patch this weekend.
The Jarrahdale" is a winter pumpkin with an unusual blue-gray colored skin and a heavy ribbed drum shape. This sweet-tasting member of the squash family originated in Australia and it grows in the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 11 as an annual.
The easy-to-grow Jarrahdale makes flavorful pumpkin pies, attractive centerpieces and dramatic Jack-o-Lanterns. Make sure you add this Heirloom Pumpkin to your list.
The info to the Comfy Funky Pumpkin Patch is listed in the link below

#heirloom #pumpkins #fall #culinary #frenchinspired #pumpkinpatch

Found a Copperhead on the trail in front of the house.

The kids wanted to help at the farm this morning. We picked some lettuce from our Aquaponics system. #aquaponics #aquaculture #biodynamic

We are happy to announce that we have been selected as one of the featured farms in America by the USDA. You may see these photos circulating for promotional materials around the US. Thanks to all of our veterans, supporters, community, sponsors, chefs and butchers for embracing our mission. We are so proud to be apart of the Georgia Agriculture Network of progressive farmers. #georgia #usda #agriculture #veterans #missionfirst #sustainable #heritagehogs #pigfarmer #makingadifference #nonprofit #stagvets #rememberthefallen #aquaponics #hydroponics #farmersmarket #johndeere #johnnyseeds #harbinlumber #atlasgreenhouse #georgiagrown

Communities that grow food and cook together stay together. Food and music unifies us. It brings stubborn men to the table. We set aside what pulls us apart and focus on what matters most. Our race, religion, gender and personal politics are lifted when we gather together. We find commonality in places that can only happen around working together. When we separate we think about ways to connect again... We think about ways on how we can be more accepting of beliefs that are different than our own. Its unfortunate that we lost the process of connecting together when we sought convenience over seeking meaningful relationships. Food not only heals us... It unifies us. #growcookandeattogether #knowyourfarmer #buylocal #veterans #healing #butcher #community #stagvetsinc #stagoutdoors #usda #georgia #milledgeville

We have been hearing from our friends that the Coppa Steaks we provide to @twourbanlicks are amazing! So we decided to go and try for ourselves. All we can say is that TUL has blessed the hog with their Craftsmanship on this special cut. As Veteran farmers we put in countless number of days and hours for our products to reach your table. It's one of the only reasons we partner with Chefs who have the ability to carry on the legacy with the taste of the seasons. #simplyamazing #farmpride #chef #sear #pork #theoriginalredmeat

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