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Kousa dogwood blooms make excellent flower crowns #Hazelstyle #dogwood #flowercrown

This is Sadie. She is amazingly sweet, and so, so soft. Those big ears are pretty spectacular because she can point them in different directions depending on her mood. Word on the street is that she has quite the taste for nicely painted wooden trim and fluffy dog beds. Her sibling pup is Vegas, which you can see if you swipe. When he was found in south east Atlanta, he was starving and scared of absolutely everything. He still isn't a fan of wheels on bicycles or skateboards, kids, loud noises, or moving boxes. But he's so much better than he was back then. If you noticed in the picture of Vegas, his home is empty. That's not because he's a minimalist, their awesome humans are heading to Colorado this morning. #dogsofboho

our kousa #dogwood is really gorgeous this year #kousadogwood

She's playing in the rain, singing "rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Little Hazel wants to play" #raindoesnotstopher #playingintherain

clover flower crown

We went to a fancy sushi place last night and it was absolutely AMAZING. We had tuna carpaccio, aburi hamachi, sake aioli sousaku nigiri, eel box roll, crunch lobster box roll, and chocolate kyu for dessert. Seriously, we couldn't decide what was the best dish because each one was perfect. I liked the dessert, but would try something different next time because it's really more for the experience with that once. #sushi

Hazel loves kitties, maybe more than her mama does.

Roman's lunch today: rosemary ham and sharp cheddar on focaccia, pretzels, fresh mango, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, blackberries, and a few m&ms #planetbox #kidslunch #lunch #iwanttoeatthis

Yeah, I made more #focaccia

chopped #rosemary

Roman's favorite snack these days is a whole avocado eaten with a spoon.

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