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Le'Ronn  New Dad, Comedian, Sigma, Host, Actor, Radio Host.

All my grandmothers grandkids! We keeping the bond tight Grandmamma! #WeMissYou! #Family #Brothers #Sisters #Cousins

Im not trying to guilt anyone into coming but I dont want any one upset later cause they didnt know or why didnt you call me etc......Grandbys Funeral home 4021 Whiteplains road.

Even though he has more facial hair then me......thats still my lil brother! #Family #Siblings #AmImyBrothersKeeper? #HellYeah!

My Sunshine(s)! They keep me sane during tough times like this! #Family #KeepThemClose

3 generations of McGowans! very afraid! #McGowanClan

I found this baby wolf. Can I keep him? #LilNuggetAndMe Filters

Having breakfast with my super star! #CheeriosWithMyChamp #GoodMorning #cheerios os

Me and my momma! My mother got the Patridge Family shirt on! I couldnt fit her fro in the picture. I look like Lil Nugget but my face is fatter! #tbt #OnlyChildDays #HandsomeDevil #MyDay1

My 1st pair of skates! On this day I was official! I would never have to rent Skate Key skates again! Those beige joints with the orange wheels! No! I was a man now. We were in Skate Key(Allerton Ave) like every Saturday! I was good but still couldnt skate backwards! #tbt #YoungL #HairLineWasYoungAndStrongThen #SkateKey #TheBronx

It took me a long time to learn how to smile right pictures. I remember this being my aunts wedding reception. It was in a gym a ran around sliding on my knees like a rock star so I had a hole in the knee area of these slacks. #tbt #GoodOlDays #LoveYaGrandmamma

Back when I could wear anyones jersey. Now a days you wont catch me in nothing but NY Jerseys. #tbt #YoungFella

Before I became every ones favorite Bus Driver this was mine! My grandmother drove out of 126th street Depot. I would go to work with her, sit beside her and give out transfers! (The paper ones) Funny thing I never remember her coming telling stories about crazy day. I remember the last time she asked meif I wanted to go to work with her, I think I was about 12. Told her Ma I'm too big to sit beside you now!😁 #MissYouGrandmamma #WeWillBeAlright #tbt
(FYI I have no idea who the baby is mayne my brother or sister)

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