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Cat Lam  INFJ / Nike footwear designer

These bb's are polished and ready to trade with any local creative ladies ❤️

My two loves 💕

My dude in a Japanese magazine a long time ago. Guess asians have always been crazy about him 😍

Kimchi kimchi (to clear the sinuses.) 🤧

HB in his workshop

Have been trying to live with less lately. Disillusioned with people who think the pinnacle of human existence is the ownership of "designer" goods. Happiness can't be quantified by material possession/ achieving the "dream job"/ finding "the one person". All are shallow goals and probably symptomatic of our age. Live for enriching experiences, not things. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy. (Art is from my dear friend Jon.)

Coworker appreciation.

10/10 would live with this one again. So long 2016, thanks to everyone who made it a memorable one.

Been making this same face since Christmas '94. #stankface #alwaysjudging

Happy holidays! 🌲


Inside the spaceship / time machine / sound bath bowl thing