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COLUMBUS BOUDOIR  * Heather Walker * Body positive photographer to AMAZING women! DO IT FOR YOU! LOVE YOURSELF! www.columbusboudoirblog.com Book your session now! πŸ‘‡


When I tell clients they have to do the white sheet set... Sometimes I don't think they understand how amazing the images are going to be. Every woman loves these so much. I think it must be that it is just so simple and no outfits to draw attention away from her beauty. I love the gorgeous smile here and her confidence!!
#columbusboudoir #inthesheets

Loving yourself isn't vanity... It's SANITY!!!
AND damn I love this amazing shot of my client Mrs. H

I need sun... And palm trees in my life at all times. But for now I just have to look back at stunning photos of women I have photographed!
I wanna see who reads my posts so please comment with your favorite place to be in the world!!
#columbusboudoir #loveyouyself #loveyourbody

Happy Valentine's Day to ME! This is my photo. I am a work in progress. Working to love ME no matter what my appearance. No matter if I feel good or bad that day, no matter if I am clothed, or nude. I am me, and I am the one that needs to speak up and shout... I AM WORTHY! No matter my size, sex, color, or social status! I AM WORTHY of all I dream of in life! On this day of celebrating LOVE, why not start with yourself!!
#loveme #iamworthy #selfportrait #boudoirphotographers #beautyandboudoir

Ms. V may break the internet with her curves!! Still a moment of tushie Tuesday! Phew I made it!!😘

We don't have to chase extraordinary moments, if you pay attention they are right in front of you! .
As is this amazing gorgeous moment with my client Ms. S OMG even the seagulls were helping out! Stunning to say the least in her gown!
#columbusboudoir #beachgirl #beach #beachvibes

All the freaking feels for this amazing scene we had in Orlando this past week. Love the soft beauty of Ms. S and the vibe in this bathroom! I need more plants in my life too!! 🌱
#614 #columbusbride #columbusboudoir

Saturday montra...I am not getting outta bed!! I hope you enjoy the heck outta your weekend too!! .
Fun fact: The in the sheets shots are always the most loved in a shoot... No doubt!
#columbusboudoir #ohioboudoir #columbusbride

Feeling this vibe hard today as I come back from the Florida shoot. I am mellow and chill... And don't feel like unpacking... Just enjoying my doggies and the house today!
@cinsationaljenn killed it here in this shot! πŸ”₯

I love black and white images so much. Most people end up loving color (which I do sometimes especially if it shows off her eyes)... But as an artist I see the beauty with the color stripped away so much more!
#columbusboudoir #ohioboudoir #blackandwhite #allbodiesarebeautiful

As I wind down the weekend and pack for another fun trip for a client shoot... I am packing up my swim suit.. As we are shooting on the beach in Florida this week!! I used to be like.. I won't be seen in a swim suit once I gained weight. It really limited the fun I had. Now fuck it. I am only here on this earth for a limited time.. And I love the fucking beach. It's too hot and crazy to be there dressed... So bathing suit it is!!
I can't wait to share all the fun we will have on the beach and the amazing shots Susan and I will capture for sure!
Don't miss out on life's pleasures for some stupid worry that some person may think something about you. For they can fuck off. Sorry about the language but you know... It is the only way to say it!! Beaches here I come!
#heatherwalker #columbusboudoir #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards

I can feel the warmth of the glow... As I freeze here in cbus! But Susan and I are flying to sunny Florida Monday.. For some beach shots!! Yeah!!

One of my new favorite spots in the new studio is where we make this magic happen. Love the light here it's in my new bright room but u can make it not so bright too! It's time to embrace your sexy beautiful self... What's holding you back?
#columbusboudoir #ohioboudoir #asseenincolumbus #columbusbride

I love when clients trust me to take their best photos ever!! Women come in so nervous and almost all say..."i have never done this before" well I am here to show you exactly what to do. I pose you from head to litteral toe. You better be pointing your toes, haha! Just close your eyes and enjoy the stretching and playing with your hair... And feeling oh so beautiful and sexy even though your body may have never been contorted into some of these poses! I do it so it looks sooo amazing and yet somehow natural!!! Ms. M here had some amazing shots and this is one of my favs!! .
#columbusboudoir #ohioboudoir #bodylove

All you need is you!! A boudoir session is about you not the newest lingerie. Now while I love me some sexy lingerie.... The best shots of all are the in the sheets and on the sheets... Showing off you and your curves. I position you to show off all your curves and keep you covered in any places you want to keep private. But these shots are always the most loved... Don't let fear hold you back. What's the best that could happen.... You love yourself and your photos!!!

Let's get real.. This shot takes all of 5 minutes and a must for each and every shoot!! Who doesn't want a moody and awesome shot of their chest... Make sure and do the wet tshirt shots at your shoot!! We also shoot you ripping it off... How fun!!

It's not all dark and moody.. Sometimes the girly gorgeousness takes over!!! Ms. S here showing off her girly glam side!! πŸ’‹πŸ’–
Which do you prefer dark and moody or bright and girly!? Comment below!!

My gorgeous client in NYC!! Love this red outfit and this scene... She looks so amazing!

Let me confirm the shower scene here and all the curves with @the.blonde.model πŸ’‹

Yes still a little time for my #tushietuesday post! Love the crawling pose.. Just too sexy. Sorry I haven't posted too much this year besides Me. I have so many client shoots to share from end if the year. I had some amazing women grace my camera and some are allowing me to share!! Hope to get on that soon... Maybe tomorrow!
#boudiebabe #boudoirphotographers #boudoirohio

Since I have basically made this last week about me and the process I am taking towards #selfacceptance and #selflove.... I might as well post one more photo of my #selfportrait series. I had so many people say how great the last photo was, but what really stuck out to me was the comment on how they wished they were as confident as I was. News flash: I am working on this and the photos actually help this happen. I don't feel totally confident but I sure am making an effort!! People don't realize these photo shoots are therapeutic. They help so much in actually seeing your self and being happy with what you see. I never thought I would post photos of me like this and over the past few months I have and it has really helped me be happy with me. After you love yourself you will treat yourself better and thus feel better. It's a self love cycle that I am happy to be in! Join me!! What is holding you back from feeling better?

SELF LOVE, SELF ACCEPTANCE! For a boudoir photographer that means get in there and do what you ask your clients to do!! For me it is a hard thing to do... but I really am trying to work on this, and if you have read my recent posts, I am really surrounding myself with women that are very body positive and I am starting to feel a lot better about me and my body. I always was pretty ok with my face, head shots, etc, but showing off MY BODY...well that is another story since I have had kids. So, here it is, one of the photos I am good with sharing. I guess the perk to being a bit heavier is the large breasticles...is that a word, probably not but I like it anyways!! When I shoot my clients, I am always joking and yelling that is BOOB-TASTIC.. and I guess that is what this shot is too! :)
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Pre self-portraits! Here is to celebrating me! Everyone needs to do this... Once in a while!! #columbusboudoir #ohioboudoir #blackandwhite #614 #513 #loveyouyself #loveyourbody #boudoirworkshops #bodyacceptance #loveyourself #effyourbeautystandards #sizesexy

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