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Colu Henry  Writer. Cook. Author of #BackPocketPasta, one of NPR’s 2017 Best Books of the Year. @nytfood “Cooking” contributor. A glass of wine never far behind.

People say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I think it’s your pantry. Had a blast taking with the lovely @pineapplecollaborative about mine. If you’re tagged, you’re in there. Link up you know where. Photos by the amazing, amazing @evadeitch #pinefor

Taking my summer salad cues from @kelmariani very seriously.

I am so VERY excited to share that I am now contributing to @nytfood Cooking! Been dying to shout this news out (I’m superstitious) and now I can, because two recipes are up including this Herby Pork Larb. I am so, so thankful to the incredible @emweinstein and @margaux_laskey for this opportunity and for being such a dream to work with. More simple, sophisticated dinner recipes coming soon! This one up top! #nytcooking 📷 @linda.xiao

And, 14+ hours later. HOME.

I ate triscuits on the beach topped with sharp cheddar cheese and washed them down with bitter beer. I had seafood every day for lunch and for dinner. I swiftly killed a lobster and thanked him greatly for his life. I also thanked the lady fishmonger who sold me the fish. She just opened shop. I had intentions to make a shortcake with the strawberries I purchased at the market, but it didn’t happen. I forgave myself and just ate them instead. Josh only growled at me once, but there was a sock to contend with so he gets a pass and in turn we made a milestone. I think he liked this little cottage by the sea just as much as I did. South shore! You have my heart.

I think I’ve reached peak summer.

Morning walk on Silver Dollar Beach. No silver dollar shells found, but all good.

O Canada! I ate a lobster roll, homemade strawberry ice cream and had quite a view. Happy Canada Day. They’re doing it better here.

Summer fish (local halibut) with every flowering herb I could find. Also, Novia Scotia, gah! 💗💗

Indoor picnic lunches are the best. Cold roast chicken with herb oil, pan fried zucchini with chilies and mint, roasted spring onions with balsamico and two wedges of leftover galette. Fridge also now empty. 🙌🏼

I would have two last meals and this would be one of them. K?

See you next year, friends. 🍒🍒🍒