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Colton Born  It’s not about me Campus Pastor | Fresh Life Whitefish | @freshlife Sundays 9 & 11 AM | Whitefish PAC

Let me tell you why this picture is important.
On your left, Joy, is our Worship Coordinator. She leads worship on Sunday morning with unrivaled zeal and excellence. And most importantly, her Godly influence isn’t just felt on stage, but in her family, and in their relationships.
Just this last weekend, on Saturday morning, her daughter Lavena (just above her) was baptized in Whitefish Lake with her campus on the shore cheering her on. It was powerful, inspiring, and downright emotional.
Then, that night, Joy’s family brought the little boy on your right, EJ, to church. He’s in town right now taking part in a hockey camp that Joy’s husband, JJ, owns. During the invitation, EJ shot his hand up and made a decision to follow Christ.
The next day, I got to witness their whole family absolutely glowing. They are witnesses and participants in what God IS doing in this city and through this church. It’s changing their families, their lives, and this city.
This picture is important because God cares about people and that’s what this church is built of and why this church exists.
The time is short - let’s believe for more.

As someone who spends a pretty good amount of time on trails, I’m pretty excited to start up a new series this weekend with our Pastor @levilusko back in the saddle in Whitefish.
THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME to Invite your dirtbag friends. It’s gonna be rad!

Best friend.
Adventure partner.
Shreddy betty.
Old timer.
Chaco wearer.
Birthday girl.
Love you @abbysuecarlson.

If you know anything about our campus, you know this face well.
Mr. Kevin Richardson (and his incredible family) have been here since the beginning, rarely taking a weekend off and doing whatever it takes to make church happen, whether it’s in a dive bar or rodeo arena. It’s incredible to think that EVERY LIFE that has been changed through this campus is a product of his work.
When leadership has changed, his leadership has been constant.
Today, I’m thankful for all he has sacrificed for this vision. And I’m even more thankful to have him on the team.
(Plus, it was his birthday a couple days back)

Hey church - let me tell you why this is the best picture ever.

The woman next to me here is Cindy, the Executive Director of our local Boys + Girls Club - an organization that we support as a FL Outreach Partner. She is also an amazing person with an amazing heart leading an amazing team to love the socks off of kids in our community - some of whom may not even have a bed to sleep in on a regular basis.

Recently, I had the opportunity to slide a check across the table of a coffee shop to her and say the words, “Use this to keep doing what you’re doing.”🤯 The reason we could is because of YOU. Because of your obedience to faithfully give, she was blessed - and isn’t that just the way Jesus would do it!

This is why we give! Let’s never forget the impact our dollars are having beyond the walls of our church - God uses every penny to the profit of His love and plan.

Love y’all!

@ryann_vernon & @juliaeshleman (& @dereksfoley who took this photo😂)!!
You three! Thank you for leading in #RockThisCity this week by being at an event EVERY. DAY. How awesome! The fact that you were willing to reprioritize your schedules around what YOUR CHURCH was doing this week is inspiring and encouraging!
This week has been one for the books and I LOVE the conversations it’s started about how WE can love our cities more in the coming year - and to actually DO IT!
Love y’all!

We serve and we CELEBRATE!
Church is at the O’Shaughnessy Center this weekend 9+11 AM - don’t sleep!

DAY 3!
Epic time at the North Valley Food Bank packing bags of food for veterans and helping with other odds and ends! Thanks to everyone who turned out in our group of 30 - y’all crushed it!
Also, huge thanks to the NVFB for all of the awesome work you do in our community: providing food and other essentials for so many with amazing consistency!
And another thanks is in order to @apcarriveau for leading this event so well and setting an attitude of enthusiasm for the team! You were awesome!
Best #RockThisCity ever... and there’s still 4 more days! You signed up? No? will fix that problem.
Also: @abbysuecarlson on the shutter assassination.

DAY 2!
#RockThisCity made it’s way to my favorite (idk if it’s ok to have a favorite, but I do) partner organization:
the Boys and Girls Club of Glacier Country!
What an honor to serve those that serve our community so selflessly in such a huge area: teaching love and confidence to the younger generation and empowering parents to do the same!
In unrelated news, who is going for their RTSweep this year? I know a handful of folks who are on their way...
A1 crew today - love y’all!

DAY 1!
What a kickoff to RTC week in Whitefish! We had the honor of doing some trail work on the Resevoir-Big Mtn. section of @thewhitefishtrail and it was THE best.
Big thank you and shoutout to Margosia at WLP for leading our newbie group around after being awake for like a whole day nonstop. You were so informative and fun to work with! And thank you to the WFT for making our little mountain town super accessible for recreation!
Well. Day 1 is done - you still have time to sign up if you haven’t yet. Link in bio!

I love this couple.
In a short amount of time, they have become many things for me in my learning and growing.
First, dear friends that I can belly laugh with almost on command.
Second, true counselors that always have the best interests of others in mind before their own.
Third, I want to speak about Stew specifically. He is a giant in the faith - a man with the heart, wisdom, and love of Paul. But, even beyond that, he consistenly empowers and inspires me to be the biggest fraction of Timothy that I can muster. Which, in my mind, is where his greatness truly shows.
Stew and Debbie, I am better because of you. Our church is better because of you.
Love you both so much.

She met my family. And she still loves me. #score

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