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Colton Born  It’s not about me Campus Pastor | Fresh Life Whitefish | @freshlife Sundays 9:15 & 11 AM | Whitefish PAC

This weekend’s message @freshlife, #FightLikeAWolf, was beyond phenomenal and immediately made me think of our drummer, Braden.
Braden started playing drums for the Whitefish Campus over a year ago, and he would agree with me when I say, he has grown leaps and bounds as a musician in that time. I have seen this man conquer his doubts, push the limits of his abilities, take coaching and critique, and better himself again, and again, and again.
He fights to be the best Braden he can be because he knows that as he wins the war within, he gives others the chance to lift up praise to God and find victory in their own battles as well.
Braden is a legend. This team is better because of him. I am insanely proud of him. And the best is yet to come for him.
#BeLikeBraden #ShankThatDevil #ShankTheDevil2k18

20 hours of time difference and we can still look each other in the eyes and talk about everything and nothing. I look forward to these conversations excitedly and enjoy every single moment.
I love you.

Well, my best team mate shipped off to the land of the Kiwis until Christmas for school. My diet is already suffering.
@abbysuecarlson Good luck on the other side of the world, ya nug. I’ll shred enough for the both of us until you get back.
I’m so stoked for you.
Love you.

These legends made it happen today.
(right) JJ has been commuting back and forth between Whitefish and Missoula for work for the last... let’s just say it’s been a long time. He still serves. He still stays planted. Consistent. Fun loving. Brilliant. We are blessed and better because of him.
(left) Brendan yelled at me last night across a street, “Hey, you need help in Whitefish tomorrow?” It turns out I very much did. He is a man that I am honored to know and even more honored to serve with. Insanely funny. Caring. And more talented than anyone I know.
This is a little piece of the team God is using to change the world, starting with Whitefish.
Let’s keep building⚒.

Fresh Life Whitefish Impact Team Conf. 2018!
Let me tell you about the Whitefish gang: they are inspiringly humble, clockwork consistent, and insanely motivated. So unique, yet so given over to a singular purpose. I am beyond thankful that God called each of them to THIS church at THIS time.
We’ve got work to do, but our roster is stacked with workers who make it fun, dynamic, and incredibly fulfilling.
Love you team! Let’s get it.

Yesterday, the team started out our Sunday on the stage.
We shifted our perspective.
An empty room isn’t empty - it’s full of potential.
We aren’t helping just because we were scheduled. We are serving because we are called.
God is on the move - and he’s decided to use us as his crew to do it.
We aren’t the finished product, we’re the foundation.
Let’s keep building⚒.

Join us in Whitefish this weekend as we celebrate baptisms and continue in our series, ‘Once a Man, Twice a Child’!
I hope you are ready to party.

This weekend, I had the privilege of celebrating one year as the Whitefish Campus Pastor @freshlife.
All I can say is: it’s not about me.
God is building this church.
God is using it to transform lives.
God is using unqualified, unlikely, unworthy people to do it.
God is our strenth. God is our focus. God is our purpose.
And, to us, God says, the best is yet to come!
Thank you to Pastor @levilusko & @jennielusko. We are building on the foundation of your faith and faithfulness. It’s the honor of a lifetime to wear a jersey on this team.
And thank you to the Whitefish team. You don’t know what ‘quit’ means. It’s an honor to do this with each and every one of you.
Love you church!

The legend.
@dereksfoley is the bad boy of church building. He’s a servant when it’s most inconvenient, a learner when the curve is sharp, and a supporter when the stands have cleared. Having him on the team @freshlife Whitefish this summer was beyond a blessing. He saved my neck more than once and made me laugh more than twice.
Thanks to his hard work over these last two months, our church has seen lives healed, teams built, and people saved through the love of Christ. Though his time as an intern has ended, his time as a servant is more alive now than ever and I’m waiting expectantly to see what God uses him, and all of the other interns, to achieve moving forward.
Big love to you, bro. Thanks for crushing it!

Let me tell you why this picture is important.
On your left, Joy, is our Worship Coordinator. She leads worship on Sunday morning with unrivaled zeal and excellence. And most importantly, her Godly influence isn’t just felt on stage, but in her family, and in their relationships.
Just this last weekend, on Saturday morning, her daughter Lavena (just above her) was baptized in Whitefish Lake with her campus on the shore cheering her on. It was powerful, inspiring, and downright emotional.
Then, that night, Joy’s family brought the little boy on your right, EJ, to church. He’s in town right now taking part in a hockey camp that Joy’s husband, JJ, owns. During the invitation, EJ shot his hand up and made a decision to follow Christ.
The next day, I got to witness their whole family absolutely glowing. They are witnesses and participants in what God IS doing in this city and through this church. It’s changing their families, their lives, and this city.
This picture is important because God cares about people and that’s what this church is built of and why this church exists.
The time is short - let’s believe for more.

As someone who spends a pretty good amount of time on trails, I’m pretty excited to start up a new series this weekend with our Pastor @levilusko back in the saddle in Whitefish.
THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME to Invite your dirtbag friends. It’s gonna be rad!

Best friend.
Adventure partner.
Shreddy betty.
Old timer.
Chaco wearer.
Birthday girl.
Love you @abbysuecarlson.

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