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Pretty much how this last week has looked. Thankful for the friends who put up with my innate ability to send multi-pitch tomahawks.🤘
Also, check out freshlife.church tomorrow for a special New Year’s Eve online experience! It’s happening every hour, on the hour - bound to be rad!
📽: @abbysuecarlson

My life is not about me.
Been letting that idea run rampage through my head lately and it’s helped me view existence differently in every aspect.
This weekend @freshlife was all about that and then some. Check it out if you want to be challenged to live a life not about you. A life of magnanimity, peacefulness, and generosity.

My October surprise this year was a massive stand of Tamaracks approximately 20 ft. from my porch.
But now that we’re in November... you never know what’s on the horizon😏
Jump on freshlife.church this weekend to see what’s up!

Winter is my favorite season.
Except for the other 3.

I could start a photo series called the #OctoberSurpriseSeries of all the times I unwittingly wandered to the top of a ridgeline only to be greeted by more snow than I was emotionally prepared for😤.
Link in bio for the real thing!

“Cross = purpose.” - @chrisdurso
“Mind = blown.” - me
Podcast = listen!
Also, here’s a completely unrelated photo from this weekend.

The way I feel looking out on a view like this: humbled.
@jennielusko dropped an amazing message this weekend on the tool of humility. Click the link in my bio to check it out. Warning though... only investigate if you want your life changed⚡️

Fall sunsets👌

Eyeing up the big boy. Couldn’t make summit because of snow, but what a beautiful day to be out.
It’s weekend time! Join us @freshlifewhitefish for wk. 4 of the #SomeAssemblyRequiredSeries!

I've decided that this weekend's message @freshlife, 'Do the Hard Things (I Am the Lion),' could be alternatively titled 'Type II Fun.'
If you're like me, and consider yourself a fan of doing the things that make most people say, "You enjoy that!?" then you're going to dig it so much.
Check it - link in bio!

Great weekend!
Partied it up with @freshlifewhitefish in the basement of the Firebrand for wk. 2 of the #SomeAssemblyRequiredSeries! It was insanely practical and you should check it out if you want to get the tools you need to live out healthy relationships.
AND I saw snow! In SEPTEMBER.

My life rocks.*
*Not pictured: Legs going numb from sleeping in my truck. White-knuckling up and down the highway through heavy snow and wind. Cussing at my stove that WOULD. NOT. START. Spilling my french press before I'd even pressed it. Oh yeah... and forgetting my hiking boots in the entry way of my house.
Come to church this weekend and tell me I'm not a hot mess! #SomeAssemblyRequiredSeries

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