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J randomly pulled out the giant floor map puzzle to fix, and then I asked him if he wanted some landmarks to go with it. Pulled those out and he gave me an amusing narrative of some of the landmarks he was familiar with. Favorite: Temple of the Inscriptions because he had read somewhere there was human blood and sacrifice involved 😑 .
Puzzles are really good for practicing fine motor skills and visual spatial reasoning, not to mention problem solving. And it keeps them quiet for long periods of time 😂

The kids repurposed yesterday’s farm sensory tray, added some sticks and made their house (which comes with a pool of course). J made Mummy as a mermaid princess (he said with a golden crown and golden scales).
Just to share some anecdotes of how being the only female in a house full of boys is like 🤣 It is very adorable and amusing how they keep referring to me as the princess/queen, and a lot of times, they’re perfect little gentlemen to me. They would fetch and carry for me, notice when I’m moody or snappy, make me coffee and bring me chocolates when they think that would help. If there’s a last piece of yummy food, they will offer it to me instead of daddy; they would jump and pummel on their dad, but hardly ever treat me with over-boisterousness. Cos .. you guessed it: I’m the princess! Hahaha. They won’t let me cut my hair short, they prefer me in dresses and ballet flats and they said sneakers are too cool for me 😑Apparently, I’m not cool, I’m sweet 😂
They seriously crack me up!! .
On my end, I’m so thankful my husband is a good role model to them, who takes them camping and hiking and rough and tumbles with them, who balances me out and who tells me to chill when the “boys are just being boys. I got up to much more mischief when I was their age” What may seem so worrisome to me, is always par for the course to him. I really need that! All three boys have taught me to take things in stride and I envy their quick, get up and go attitude. You fall down, you just get up and go again. ❤️

Prepared some small world farm play scenes in the Ikea cutlery tray. One boy refused to mix the beans up, one just wanted to mix and squash everything up including the playdough. 😩
Lots of sensory goodness with different beans and playdough. You could switch it up to a variety of habitats as well (which we will do next)

So one weekend everyone was napping but this little boy didn’t want to. I woke up from my nap to find the playroom all wet. From experience I learnt not to exclaim in shock, so I asked J what he was up to. .
“I’m trying this experiment I read about in a science book. Do you know if you poke a hole in the container while it’s full of water and covered, the water won’t leak out. But if you take off the cover, the water will come out of the hole”
Oh why?
“Because of the pressure! When it’s closed the pressure outside will not make it leak out” .
I was so proud of him. And then I saw he had really pricked a few holes in my REAL TUPPERWARE container!!! When I asked him why did he use that, he said he didn’t know where to find the water bottles (which I gave him later to repeat his activity) because I was sleeping and he had been reminded many times not to disturb us when we’re napping 😂 true story. .
Am I the only mom who doesn’t mind sacrificing her Tupperware for a moment of childlike exploration? It amused me so much that he had spent 2 hours exploring, and he prepped everything on his own. I don’t even know how he knew to find the pushpins from the stationery stock.

This massive animal world was laid out on the playroom floor the entire weekend. I loved the little details that J added: the sticks to represent the beaver’s dam, the snakes and gorilla in the trees, the eagle eating the snake (he used tape to stick them together)... every little segment represented a different habitat: ocean, rainforest, arctic, savannah, river, a farm. I admit my organizing-skewed brain was rejoicing inside at how everything was neatly categorized and compartmentalized 😂🤪 yay!

Halloween sensory tub with tubs of tools, scoops and what-nots hanging off the table for sensory, imaginary fun. The base is dried corn kernels. We also taped some old Christmas lights under the tub and turned off the lights. Then it became a REAL invitation to play! The boys simply loved it. Check out my stories to see their play in the dark 😄

Sunday mess-days

This jar represents J’s dream come true. And very parent’s nightmare 😂

Bringing the beach home... lots of stories, collaboration, teamwork and some squabbles when someone accidentally makes too big a splash. We’re actually having a picnic dinner outside too

Grocery shopping is a fun way of learning about money... glad J really loved this (he played with daddy today as well) and managed to get the concept of interchanging the different types of coins to get a bigger denomination or to convert to a dollar.
We did a few (abstract) place value exercises before this until I was assured he is very comfortable with the concept before introducing money. It’s just simple exercises (I’ve shown a pic), and this is after concrete, hands on math work that he’s been doing. Not been very consistent with math work as he always just wants to read

Land and water forms kinda morning. We have used various materials with these cards - sand, corn, soil, clay, playdough with variations of blue water, beach water, or plain blue paper. I’m not sure if J actually likes this work much cos he always moves on quickly to make his own play scenes. Oh well. Thats ok with me.

Remnants of play.. happy weekend everyone! May your weekend be as carefree and full of fun as our messy playroom 🤣

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