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hot mess  Probably making a mess of this page

Selena Gomez's "Fetish" music video is honestly confusing but oddly aesthetically pleasing?

Looking out for heaven

There was a theory going around that friends was all based inside of pheobie's head and that she had imagined all of it because she had a tragic life so it would make sense if it never got better and she simply came up with all these cool friends however the producer claimed that that theory was basically a bunch of bull

Whhat's your all time favorite book?

I never knew i could be this selfish

I am so in love with riverdale and kinda predicted the fact that the father was the killer (sorry for the spoiler) it's a really good show though

Anyone else completely obsessed with @dualipa?

She's slaying my existence 😍

I need to buy myself some jeans

Can i please please be the dog?

Daaaaamn Jen

Im tired hot messes, i really really am

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