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"AMLY expert"  [hot siwon sandwhich] please support WAJE. Lezhin.com is the only LEGAL option! illegal sites hurt authors liveliehood, please don't be rude. thxoxo


[CHAPTER 44 SPOILERS!!!] JESUS CHRIST THE BEGINNING ?? ALL AGES?? i knew from the the first panel that it was an imagination because of the blue backround (indicates an imagination) BUT STILL LIKE FUCKDKSK (also memes = me) -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon

since you guys seem to love these kind of post heres one about the King of Stupidity-- i mean Lu Xuan Run -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #luxuanrun

new crack since i keep getting asked to make a new one woowowowo -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

tell me you dont love him -
you guys seemed to really like my "How extra is Kang Jinha?"
post so heres my lil bae sunshine cupcake baby💕 perhaps i should do some of the other characters? 🤔 -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon

so rip, Chapter 44 won't be released till another 10 days since Waje is taking a break or something not too sure. But we can at least enjoy this cute lil drawing bless 💕 -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #kangjinhaxgosiwon

idk why im even posting this but i thought it was funny so heres some Kang Jinha *Extra Edition -
#kangjinha #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou

i couldnt relate with Man Ray if more if this was a real situation 🤦🏼‍♀️ -
i havent made one of this meme things in awhile so weee and ik i should make a new crack i'll get to that soon forgive me -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha

i literally love then so much please protect T-T i have no clue what will happen next chapter and idk if i should be nervous or not but i already feel a bit anxious. and i dont know if i'll post an explanation for chapter 43 or not... gahh only time will tell. If I do, I'll probably summarize is a lot shorter because i think im putting way too much detail in previous posts🤔 I might even start taking those post down uhshsh -
#amanlikeyou #aguylikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #kangjinhaxgosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

[CHAPTER 43 SPOILERS!!!] okay so im really confused about the ending of this chapter .. see it does seem like Siwon is now "living" with Jinha and they went grocery shopping, Jinha made them dinner, Siwon founD CONDOMS IN ONE OF THE BAGS, Siwon was then uncomfortable it seemed like and then we see him take a bath but Jinha walks in ?? And I can't tell if he was shocked that Siwon was in the bath or because Siwon was naked i really am confused.. we'Re juSt gonNa hAve tO waiT aNotHer 10 dAys KMS -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon

im posting again today forgive me but shit man . kang jinha's dad angry vs kang jinha angry🤔but jinha actually had a reason to be angry whereas his bitch ass dad didnt smh- actually speaking of, i wonder if we'll see his dad again (like have them encounter in the present time or even Siwon's parents. Honestly would love to see Siwon's mom again she was so sweet ,_, -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha

i figured i'd make this public but is it just me or does Kang Jinha look slightly off here? i dont want to go ahead and assume anything but i will go ahead and say his head looks too big and imdnsjsksk im not bashing the way Waje has been drawing lately but i honestly do prefer the way it has been before gahh i feel so mean for saying that
T-T but hey new chapter tomorrow so hYPEEEE -
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha

i had to ok -
>> I COMPLETELY TOOK TOOK THIS IDEA FROM @friendlybastion sO credit to them!!! << and yall i really am running out of ideas to post except about the raws themselves cries -
#amanlikeyou #aguylikeyou #gosiwon

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