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"AMLY expert"  [hot siwon sandwhich] please support WAJE. is the only LEGAL option! illegal sites hurt authors liveliehood, please don't be rude. thxoxo

the only thing that made me happy in this chapter smh bless this picture though. AND YALL ARE REALLY TRIGGERING ME WITH CLAIMING JINHA IS A LIAR DAMN ASKING FOR ME TO SWING😤 -
[Manwha: <A Guy Like You>] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon

[CHAPTER 39 SPOILERS] so lit flashback chapter but let me tell you i havent been this triggered in a while and fucking hell i hate how that last panel of them is pretty im@gonna fucking kms bye -
[Manwha: <A Guy Like You>] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha

can we just take a moment and appreciate go siwon here? obviously it may seem i favor kang jinha but let me tell you i love this boy so so so so so so so so so so much and i want to take minute and process this character development of him caressing jinha’s face like i havent felt so blessed since chapter 27 when jinha smiled very greatly at siwon (also the main reason i fell in love with him ok) because after all the arguing and disrespecting each other, there has finally been a moment where siwon appreciated jinha himself and i cant tell you how happy this made me and i know i’ve this before as of how this is literally just a drawing but i have no shame in admitted this picture has made me so cleansed and happy. so please, with me, thank the lord that something like this exist bc it makes some people (aka me) feel so much better and happiness is the key to life. so thank you siwon for being a beautiful sunshine bae cupcake cherry-on-top reason-to-life xoxo -
[Manwha: <A Guy Like You>] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha #kangjinhaxgosiwon

i guess this is like a post-chapter reading post? idk just something to chat about the recent update (chapter 38, available on <>). -
Alright so my thoughts is that I’m deeply offended by the beginning portion. I really thought that previous vision in 36 was fake but I’m guessing not. Jinha had already said he doesn’t having dating experience or really never 100% answered the question but tried to get around it. Now there isn’t much info for this Chinese guy as of when I’m making this post so hopefully in the future we will have gathered what we needed to understand the situation. Anyway, so it seems like this unknown character was very involved with Jinha in the past but he has not spoken up about it.. He does say in Chapter 35 “But if it really is who I think it is…I won’t be fooled twice.” Which I’m gonna go ahead an assume he is talking about the Chinese guy. Go Siwon and Kana Jinha spend the day together but it gets intense when Jinha suddenly rushed Siwon into an hotel room saying “You’re going to sleep with me tonight.” (im—) and he starts asking Siwon if he has fallen for him yet which Siwon does not deny but nor responds too. This results to Jinha saying that Siwon has and they end up on the bed and Jinha was being very sweet and telling Siwon he won’t do anything if he doesn’t want him too and saying how he doesn’t want to make Siwon cry like before (referring to chapters 18&19 when he took advantage of him). Also saying he wants to treasure Siwon and all these kind things which results to Siwon very nervous, caresses Jinha face (SHOCKER I WAS LIKE “YES HONEY”) but then of course they get interrupted by room service *pretends to be shocked*. There was a lil gift box saying “Dear Kana Jinha” and inside saying in Chinese; “Dear Kang Jun | I’ll be waiting for you in room 1403. Right next door.” whICH IS VERY CREEPY and the chapter ends there. Soooo I’m guessing Chapter 39 will have this Chinese guy here and having some sort of confrontation. Ahh what’s a chapter without drama. But hey at least we got this beautiful picture of Kang Jinha that lit made me cry (I wish I was joking). Let me know your thoughts :) ❤️

[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #kangjinhaxgosiwon

my very observant ass wanted to share this. you guys seem to love when i post stuff like this soooo and i wish i could frame this stuff better 🙃
maybe i should another for character development🤔 BTW CHAPTER 38 COMES OUT TMMR AHHH -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha #jangdonghyun

as i do read amly every day i do notice changes and i guess thats good that im observant but ay can we appreciate the shading development ? i know that the beginning it was a little odd but now its so much better :)) btw 38 comes out in 2 days idk if im ready -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link i bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon

i would just like to point this out on a post instead of just my story 🤐 -
you know if he never "assumed" himself he probably would of confronted Go Siwon but noooo 😤 (i love this story im joking around but im just saying) -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon

i just caught this and im hurt emotionally/mentally/physically/verbally/socially/ect. -
i want more childhood flashbacks honestly 🙃 -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha

i wanna post smth so hi hello heres a picture of donghyun looking sad once again. honestly i love this boy sm i hate how people thought he was being an asshole and even though he got low-key denied by Siwon he still took it smoothly (i hope..) and was supportive 😊😊 if you read this far tell me what you think of the story so far :) -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #jangdonghyun

my take on chapter 37 -
just more in love with kang jinha btw 😤 and from what i took from this chapter; Donghyun is safe at a hospital, Siwon told him they are best friends (nothing more than that in that topic), Siwon wonders how that picture was taking of him and Jinha kissing in the alley and we're introduced to "Doo Ryeon" (not sure if thats right) who is the chinese guy whose was possessing Donghyun some how.. so yeyeyey not really progress but cuteness from siwon and jinha ahh -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #kangjinhaxgosiwon

...excuse me
the fact that he said it again makes me so happy fuc i wonder if siwon will ever call Kang Jinha "Jun" again intentionally🤔 I also wonder if Jinha dislikes his old name because it revolves around his bad childhood hmm -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #amanlikeyou #kangjinhaxgosiwon

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