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[tay/taylor]  waje is why im living

welp. 33 was a just a flashback chapter :( BUT HEY! siwon looked hella cute omg protec so heres some raws *sigh i wanted to see kang jinha :( -
Manwha: A Guy Like You (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #

after 5 years, i've completed it this is dt to @bakaneki & cause they're my two fav editors and inspired me to make this so 💖💖 IDK IF THIS IS GOOD OR NOT BUT I CAN APPRECIATE THAT I TRIED -
song: gasper - turtle ship
manwha: a guy like you (link in bio) -
p.s. i also edited the audio so i guess its my audio¿
#aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

okay hello hi guys *sigh* i wish i could do something to improve this account like making an amv from time to time but im not good at it and i always end up getting frustrated and deleting the whole project and i dont to feel stressed about this account cause im just doing this for fun. like i dont care about how many followers, likes, ect. i have; i just really love expressing and sharing my love for this manwha :) so yeah this was somewhat of a rant but anyway heres a beautiful picture of Kang Jinha honestly bless anytime he smiles bye (might delete this later)
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

thought it would be a good idea to point out the height difference from past vs present. the last picture is a representation on how it makes me feel. emotionally shook -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

(For Waje's Twitter!) cute sketch/drawing Waje made :D
im guessing this is Go Siwon even though his hair looks a lot lighter buT -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

has anyone noticed siwons reappearing hoodies in different colors. a1 g8 sh!t rite der👌🏻👌🏻 i r8 8/8 m8 😩 (lol they're actually cute shh) -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha #kangjinha

a gUy likE yOu on cRaCk yEET -
idk how many of these im gonna end making but as long as people enjoy it thats all that matters weee [Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

TOO CUTE UDHSHS [Special Episode; A Guy Like You]
im kind of sad that 33 isnt out but it never hurts to wait😅 and i dont know all the info yet, i think Waje was talking about the deadline on Twitter but I can't understand what she said sadly. sobs. #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

[Update from Waje's Twitter] So I think this is Waje comparing her art to someone elses who redrew Kang Jinha in their art style (animation?). The translation is obviously bad since its a literal translation but either this is really flippin cool :OO !! -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha #waje

i want to post something [at 12am when i should be asleep lmao] so heres an adorable art work Waje did that was in Chapter 20 in the Korean version (on Lezhin) that said "Merry Christmas & Happy New year!!" Not sure why this never showed up for the English version BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE UGHHH SIGH -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] (link in bio) #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #gosiwon #kangjinha #gosiwonxkangjinha

My soul has suddenly returned to my body. All anger has left me. My skin is clear, I have good grades and all my crops are watered. 🌷💕 (BLESS THIS I LOVE THEM) -
[Manwha: A Guy Like You] #aguylikeyou #amanlikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

nice self-promotion, Waje. lmao clever👀 #waje #amanlikeyou #aguylikeyou #kangjinha #gosiwon #gosiwonxkangjinha

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