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Bethany Lindsey  I just want to wrap myself in Christmas lights and walk around like a penquin

No it's not her birthday, but I gotta brag on my sister real quick. First, wow what a stunner. Look up beautiful in the dictionary and you're gonna find her there. Second off, she is so unshakable when it comes to Jesus. It's unreal and frankly unfair sometimes. She trusts Him so well and is quick to remind me I do too even if I'm doubting or upset (which happens alot). Also have you heard her sing? Girl has been blessed with the pipes of angels and the musical talents of master composers it's ridiculous. I love her so much... but don't tell her cause then it'll go to her head.

My life basically revolves around getting off work looking like death and going to take pictures of beautiful people. That's about it.

The U.S.A will miss you and I guess I will too.

I'm not gonna lie, I tried to think up a inspiring caption about self love or a awesome life insight as an excuse to post this but considering I've been struggling with that lately I thought better of it. That being said, I do love how this picture turned out even if it took two weeks for the gold to come off my hands.

Taylor found abandoned babies and I'm crying, they're so cute! They snuggle and sleep and wiggle their little ears.

All geared up and ready for Carter's first day of school! Bella's was yesterday so of course she's already got the routine down somehow.

Hey guys! I made a instagram for my photography called @bgrace_photography so I can keep this one for more personal, day to day, hang out stuff. So follow if ya want or don't, whatever floats your boat. :)

Amanda, what would I do without your puns and glue guns? You're the best sister in law I have!... Technically you're the only one but still. Happy Birthday!! 💞💞 P.s. You and Tay are great models 😜

Fire is a stunning and dangerous creation, but if you aren't careful, it will leave you burnt, an ember in the dust. Life can also leave you feeling alone, fading, dimming. But please remember, an ember can slowly be turned back to a flame with attention and care. It's hard and frustrating at times, to get a desire for life and excitement again, but it is possible. We'll make it possible.

This week has been very long but they're kinda cute... I guess... at times.... or, ya know, 99% of it.

"And with the touch of Midas, you left me feeling cold." - Im still finding gold spray paint on myself and my room from this shoot. I'm not complaining though... well maybe a little.

"Today I'm busting out,
Of this old haunted house,
'Cause I'm sick of waiting for,
All the spider webs to grow all around me,
'Cause I don't feel dead anymore.
And I'm not afraid anymore." - Plant Life, Owl City (Current Mood)
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