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Color Of Change  We design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, & champion solutions that move us all forward.

“The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are at war with black activists. Up until recently, we’ve known very little about the government’s surveillance of our communities. But, by forcing the disclosure of more information about these surveillance efforts, including our demand today for the full and unredacted ‘race paper,’ we can better understand these attacks on black activism and fight to prevent a new generation of black activists from demonization, incarceration, intimidation, and punishment" @rashadny

Today, Color Of Change, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Milton A Kramer Law Clinic at CWRU School of Law filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to release a secretive document called the #RacePaper - which is believed to be similar to the recent “Black Identity Extremist” document.

"I'm a Black woman every day, and I'm not confused about that. I'm not worried about that. I don't need to have a discussion with you about how I feel as a Black woman, because I don't feel disempowered as a Black woman." @shondarhimes #WomensHistoryMonth #BlackWomenStorytellers #TellBlackStories

"You all are my community. This is my community. My way of giving back has been through the arts. When we're told that we're not good enough by those who seek to damage, defame, demoralize and delegitimize our existence because of our gender, because of our race, things we can't change. We have the power to say 'not to today devil.' Black women, the world must continue to know that we are not your expectations. We are not your receptacles. We are not your objects, but yet subjects to study until the end of time. We have been the backbones and communities from the ghettos to Silicon Valley. We're not monolithic, we are multidimensional, and we have a right to have our stories told." @janellemonae
#WomensHistoryMonth #BlackWomenStorytellers #TellBlackStories

Today's a @wrinkleintime day, and we can't get over the reaction of these #BronxExcellence girls finding out they're going to see the film for free today because of all the generous donations to #GiveAChildTheUniverse. This is what your support looks ✊🏾

"It's been very important to me, as a woman, and as leader of BET, to make sure we have voices of women at the top. It's turned into something magical. We're Black girl magic, and when we get together, we can do anything. We need women in green light positions. We need women that can make the decisions. So we don't have to deal with an all male environment. It is an odd environment to be in a board room and to be the only woman, and sometimes the only Black person. I would like to say it's getting better, but it's really not." @iamdebraleeImage by Rog Walker of @PaperMonday #TellBlackStories #WomensHistoryMonth #BlackWomenStorytellers

"Where there is a woman there is magic. If there is a moon falling from her mouth, she is a woman who knows her magic, who can share or not share her powers." #NtozakeShange
This month, help us celebrate the power of Black women storytellers. All Black women have an important story to tell, and all Black women are storytellers. Comment with your super power, or with a story about Black women that you'd like to see using #TellBlackStories

“As a Black woman filmmaker I feel that’s my job: visibility. And my preference within that job is Black subjectivity. Meaning I’m interested in the lives of Black folk as the subject. Not the predicate, not the tangent. These stories deserve to be told. Not as sociology, not as spectacle, not as a singular event that happens every so often, but regularly and purposefully as truth and as art on an ongoing basis, as do the stories of all the women you love." @ava
#WomensHistoryMonth #TellBlackStories #Storytellers

Congratulations @jordanpeele! Thank YOU for telling your stories, for telling our stories, and leaving the door open for other Black storytellers to do the same #TellBlackStories #Oscars #OscarWinner #JordanPeele #GetOut

"My brother’s story even though it happened 26 years ago in April —there is a consistency of narrative around racialized fear and the lack of due process for black and brown people in our criminal justice system that my brother’s case was really an opportunity to explore in detail. I thought it was important to use what happened to my family to explore the larger issue because even though it’s set in my family, it’s an example of what happens to family after family, case after case, both 26 years ago and 26 from minutes now or 26 hours from now. The narrative of the inherent danger of Blackness is something that has not changed. Making Strong Island is a way for us to really force the conversation into asking how do you define reasonable fear and whose fear in fact is reasonable given the history of racialized violence in the United States." Yance Ford, Strong Island #Oscars #TellBlackStories

Ruby Dee. Sidney Poitier. New Jack City. Living Single. Love Jones. Martin. Strong Island. @ava. Ryan Coogler. @maraakil. @jordanpeele. @issarae. @lenawaithe & so, so many more.

Past, Present and Future - these are the stories that have authentically represented Black people and our experiences. Comment with your favorite story using #TellBlackStories

"I think writing very honest and truthful stories about flawed characters that happen to be people of color is an act of activism. The greatest form of activism I could do is to write two Brown people in a scene just being." @lenawaithe
This year's #Oscars nominees are more diverse, but is it real progress? We need an inclusive Hollywood that won't CONSISTENTLY exclude Black people, people of color and women from its writer's rooms. #WomensHistoryMonth #TellBlackStories #BlackWomenStorytellers

What a way to end the week! To our followers, our members, our storytellers, our creatives, our leaders, our partners, our digital family here on Instagram, thank you for helping us to authentically share and mobilize through great storytelling. Thank you for lending your voices. Onward! ✊🏾💪🏾💯#TellBlackStories #UntilJusticeIsReal

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