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Linda Woods  Artist, author, rule breaker. Mixing The Media of Life and Art Prints + Home Decor:

Imagine if you walked into a new store and the greeter by the door immediately asked you for a list of your friends and their email addresses then followed you on social media and while you looked at the merchandise, the greeter tagged you in a photo of their weekly mailer so that all of your friends could see it. How would you feel about that?
As the lone greeter of your online shop, it is up to you to welcome people, not repel them.
While there are many multi-level marketing companies that seem to encourage associates get sales by any means necessary, I think as independent artists we can learn what NOT to do from them.
1. Be cool. This is the most essential piece of advice. Do not obsessively email stalk your potential customers with invites to your groups/sales/promotions unless they request to be on your mailing list. It is fine to email once in a while when you have something new to offer (like a sale or to introduce new works), but this is what the point of social media is. You should post your promotions on your social media pages. Follow up with commenters who ask questions about where to buy. When I am working personally with a client, when the sale is complete, I email them a nice thank you note with a link to my social media pages and let them know I post new works often and not to hesitate to contact me should they have interest in more artwork.
2. Don't be an unwanted guest. If you have a product to promote, promote it on YOUR page. Posting coupons or ads on someone else's facebook page or tagging them in photos of your ads on instagram violates rule number 1. It also seems really desperate. As mentioned in a previous post, if you feel not enough of your followers are seeing your facebook posts, use the "boost" option. Better to spend $5 on a boosted post than lose customers because you annoyed them.
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A Cheesecake Factory with bad lighting finally opened here. We refuse to wait hours to eat here so went for an early lunch👍🏻👍🏻

Happy Diet Cheat Day! I barely exercised at all last week so am thrilled with a half pound loss. Some weeks you lose more, some less, some not at all. I decided to try the new Starbucks cookie butter bar. Eh. It has kind of an odd gritty-maybe stale- texture, so I am not sure if it really is stale or what. Good frosting. I don't think I would get again, though.

Mascara wearers: this mascara primer is great! I use it with my Cover Girl Lashblast. It drastically reduces flaking.

The more news I read about anti-semitic cowards, the stronger my resolve to make happy, colorful, symbolic judaic art.

For everyone asking me what hamentashen is a cookie!

My car is in the shop so I'm driving Dustin's car, obviously🎸🎸🎸

Oh how I loved those jeans with the rainbow pockets!

I just discovered the scariest photo of all time. Our dad holding a clown.

Good morning! The rain has been replaced by extreme wind. Up next: locusts. Busy work day today. Thursdays are always my busiest. This boring looking breakfast sammie keeps me full for hours. It is 6 Points Plus or approx 250 calories.

There's this trend taking over instagram. Everyone who gets an ipad pro starts writing this weird style of cursive where the letters all dip really low then the tail of the last letter wraps around and crosses a T or dots an i. There are courses dedicated to this style of writing that I can't even mimic with a real pen (or on my ipad). But I also can't ever read what anyone is writing. It's odd because I have no problem reading most graffiti tags. Is this the sign that I am old and unable to adapt to what the kids today do, even though it is adults doing it? It is all illegible to me.

Just trying the new feature with some of my potted plant prints.