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My mantra today. Happy Friday!

Suddenly craving a third grade turkey sandwich.

I am doing a new thing- if you are purchasing gifts from my print shop, email me and let me know what you ordered and I will mail you a signed, frame-worthy post card to go with your gift. I think a gift means more when the recipient knows you shopped specifically for them and straight from the artist.

If you are filled with hatred for people of different faiths, colors, or ways of life, you are totally missing out on the greatest things in life- delicious foods, beautiful architecture, majestic landscapes, music to dance to, stories to learn from and laugh about, and people to love and be loved by.
There's no way hatred can be better than that.

Testing a custom mixed color before I use it😍

Don't start eating these in the car or there will be none left when you get home. I love these. New at my Boyfriend Joe's.

I have no time for anything today and made the mistake of glancing at the news.
Here's a cute cat taking a nap.

Hey, Canadians! How come you never told me about the maple flakes?! Addicted.
(I read about maple flakes on @naomi_tgis babka and had to google!)

Doing what I do. Not parting with this one.

Getting my workspace organized before starting new projects. I organize everything in binders and back-to-school supplies sales make my heart beat fast. I am OBSESSED with binder pouches.

Typical sunday at Hotel Woods. Errands, chores, meal prep, and crossing things off lists. It bugged my beloved Norwegian aunt that I did not have a RED pastry cutter...I have now remedied that situation. ❤️ Fyrstekake in our future!

And this is my Jewish cat. Her love language is naps.

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