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One more #happymailbyellen I usually post this in my stories but this is the last address I got. So if you or someone you know could use some happy mail, please let me know. I started this as a way of dealing with flashbacks from my accident but I'm happy (word of the day) to write I don't have them anymore! Yay! And since last week the pain in my jaw is getting better. Although eating in still painful and I also have to get my teeth fixed, things are looking so much better already. It's been a crazy ride, pun intended, and a wild adventure #whpadventure

Sometimes you don't need to travel for hours to get a lovely view. This spot always makes me feel like I'm on holiday, it's so calming and pretty. And only a short walk away from my home #whpadventure

Can I just sit here all day and live in the moment #whpadventure

A little flashback Friday because it's well Friday πŸ˜†

Thursday's are always the days for me when I realize I'm actually very sick. This may sounds strange but the other days I do what I want to do within my limits (no, not really. I always push myself to the point where I get super dizzy and struggle to walk up the stairs to my bed at 7.30 pm πŸ˜‡) and I'm so used to it after almost 6 years, it's my life and I am happy for everything I'm still able to do. Anyway, Thursday is my vitamin B day. Once a week the nurse comes over to give me my injection. And every other week a cleaning lady comes over to well, clean my house. I feel very grateful for all the help I get because I am not able to go to my GP once a week and clean my house. I think I can but my body is saying no, I learned this the hard way. I told you I always push myself! Realizing I needed help was and is one the hardest things to deal with but it also gives me the rest of the week between a visit from my cleaning lady to recover without having to deal with a messy house. Have a lovely day!

Life at the beach is always salty

It has been a while since I posted a picture of a drawing of mine. There are some circle art drawings ready to post but I wanted to share this one first. I questioned myself a lot before I started with this, was it going to look good, do the colors work together or is it going to be a big fail. But now I don't even know why I wasn't really confident. So now I no longer only make circle art but also dot art! It's a shame the picture doesn't do her justice #dotartbyellen

Have a sweet start of the week!

A spoonful of succulents helps the medicine go down #whpmini #alone_nio

No, I do not have a succulent growing from my finger. Although, it would be awesome but this is a new plant from one of the leaves that I planted a couple of months ago. Somehow it suddenly started to grow succulents, this is baby plant number 3. I couldn't be more excited! Such a sucker for succulents #whpmini #alone_nio

Oreo's everywhere! Have a lovely Saturday

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