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Matt Colomes  In order to succeed you must want success as bad as you want to breathe baseball is a way of life it's the way that I live baseball is life in my eyes

Just wanna give a special 20th birthday shout out to a strong beautiful independent woman that is my sister I'm so proud of you and you're not even done yeah we the success you are going to achieve I love so much and I miss you @alexcolomes keep doing you cause no one does it better #proudbrother

Still feels like you were yesterday I would come home from practice and I give you a call and we talk about the day and more baseball. We talk about life and the love of family. I hate the fact that I can't hear you anymore see you. Part of me died with you a year ago I just can't think of the number one person in my life that is gone. I'll miss how jolly and full of joy around Christmas time. I'll miss your rants about life and long talks home from a game. I'll miss the step brother, that's my boy, and all other movie references you made me and everyone around you crack up on. I miss the way you carried yourself as a nurse and all the lives you have saved. I miss your stories at the dinner table and at Christmas time. You were my bestfriend my favorite coach my number one fan. You were my dad and wouldn't change a thing about it I just want you back dad this year has been the hardest I need you the most we need you the most all I have left is Denny Gabe and Alex when we're together we make up you it takes four people too cause that's how great of a man you were and still are there's not a day that goes by when I'm not thinking of you and wishing you were still here with us watching the dodgers or just having a good time karaoke you were the light in all of our lives and I miss you so much and love you even more I hope you're around while you fly around in heaven watching dodger baseball and keeping an eye on us. I can't wait to play catch with you again someday I love you dad you're the best dad of all time. January, 26 1969- October, 7 2016 ❤️

Happy Father's Day dad and to you Papou i wish I could turn back time. Iloveyou both so much and miss you both everyday. I wish you were having a barbecue for whole family papou and dad and I be playing catch while we wait to eat as a family. Sometimes I wish I didn't take it for granted. You are the the goat of all dads. Papou hope you're taking good care of dad up there. Until we meet again❤️

@livard7 😍😍😍Love having a woman who is beautiful inside and out. 😘Du amena lav nes Ayapi mou iloveyou❤️. #wce thank you for being the beautiful and amazing woman you are.

No doubt in my mind this is the most fun I had playing baseball than I did with any other group of guys. I love being able to call Glendale home and I hate that it isn't a four year but for whatever reason I was brought to Glendale by my father mostly he pushed me to go here. Kinda ironic that I was so scared to come here and now I'm afraid to leave the program and the people that I have met here. It is amazing on how I crossed paths with such great teammates and friends and made memories with these fuckas for ever. Every burga, every shenanigan we had in store I'll cherish forever as we close our Glendale chapter I'll never forget the people I met here connections and friendships I'll hold forever and I wish you all the best on your way to your careers I'll never forget my days as a #vaq #oavaav - love Matty ice

I was just thinking about the last time i had some food with you. I was so angry that I could not remember what the place was and when it was. Then I came across this picture. My dad always loved telling stories and spreading knowledge while we waited for our food but he hated pictures so I had to sneak it. Never thought that be the last time I sit down with you enjoy your company and love. I miss you soo much dad and love you even more happy birthday dad i love you.

Just trying to hit a couple of balls to my dad. #baseball #mountains #fathersontime Appreciate the view and the people in your life.

We are not physical beings on a spiritual journey. We spiritual beings on a physical journey. #nothinglastsforever #enjoytime

I just want to say thank for everyone who showed there support whether it was text, call, or you came to the services. Me and my siblings we wouldn't be so strong in this dark time without all of your support. I would of been crying and a mess if I didn't have a town, family and friends behind my family's back. I'm so touched on how one man could touch and change so many lives for good. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life. My dad at peace with all showing your love for him. I'm just so grateful to have his blood run through my veins to call him my father. I thank you for sharing the memories we have of my father. Iloveyoudad. I love you all thank you everyone we truly appreciate the gestures and truly grateful to have such a great support system. I wouldn't change my life at all just because of the people I'm surrounded by. Thank you so much❤️

I'm hoping this is all just a dream and you call me to ask how school and baseball was today. I literally just text to see if you were okay. I didn't know that was the last thing you witness me say. I'm empty without dad I can't believe you're gone I need you. You're my rock I'm not ready for you to leave. You haven't seen what I wanna give back to you to see me as a successful family man with your own grandchildren that you can raise to great ball players but mostly importantly what a man is. You always put me and my siblings before you you always set us to be successful. I could not be more grateful for any father to be in my life. You're the best dad in the world. My heart is heavy with missing you i love you so much. Thank you for making me the man I am today.
10.7.2016 Rest In Peace Manny Colomes
I do everything for you dad I'm going to make you proud again.

Happy Mother's Day to the best women in my life my beautiful mother who I love so much and brought me into this world and given me everything my wonderful yiayia whose cooking and love can not be replaced and my Abuela whose has taking care of me and for the last year now and guided me on the right path without you three I'm not the man I am today thanks to you I love you all #happymothersday #loveyou #greeks #cubano

#doubles #anotherone #makeitcount gotta love this game and all the hard work that pays off #vaqup #showgoeson @gribz money recorder

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