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colleen kelly  just ur local flop | giveaway! ⬇️


sweetheart ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)
[hi ok lets pretend this is a long text i sent u at 3am:
OKAY SO. BASICALLY IVE BEEN DEAD FOR LIKE A YEAR. YES? SEMI-INACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. YES. ssssooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy. i’m sorry i haven’t been returning all the love and effort you guys have shown me. social media is a place most people put the best parts of their lives on, and i haven’t really have many of those in the past year to show you. (☹) i’ve uploaded a little and still been around but i feel like i took a long ass break and i don’t know how to get back into things just yet??? BUT I WANT TO!!! AND I WILL!!! thank you for sticking by me and being the cutest, sweetest people. i don’t deserve it?? but i 10000% appreciate it. sincerely, ur local flop]

went ice skating and tried to do some tricks but harry ended up getting really hurt so we had to call an ambulance :// oh wait... no thats the one direction night changes music video.... okay but i did go ice skating ❄️⛸❣️

it's snowing in chicago but i need sugar to survive so🍦

nom nom yummy sweater 🌟

so cool ❅


spooky season is here ⍤

sweetie~! 🍬

princess of candyland ♥


tiny star child ☆*:・。.

i don't get to see her often but when i do we take such cute (& totally awkward) pics💕

concerts + u guys = ALL I NEED IN LIFE TBH 💜

hey! big news!! I’M IN A MUSIC VIDEO (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) my fangirl heart is BUSTIN right now*✧・゚i also just posted a super fun video on my channel with cute behind the scenes stuff! LINK IN MY BIO

ghost caught on camera!! ..no wait, i'm just pale

i've totally never posted stuff like this on social media but- like loads of people, i've been insecure about my body for so long and only recently have i actually starting.. loving??? myself??? CRAZY right haha but i'm kind of tired being jealous of others and i guess i'm kind of the shit and if you're someone struggling with the same kind of things then i wana let you know that you're kind of the shit too and you're an irreplaceable, amazing person💖 thanks for helping me with me and loving me for me, i love you back (got a vid coming soon on some topics like this too btw)

crazy how most of the friends i have today i made on the internet UGH if you have internet friends you get how hard goodbyes can be :( love these people

i couldn't be more obsessed with them if i tried ✰ (boys are in this KILLER band @asummerhigh if you wanna stalk and love them as much as i do- thx for visiting we 💖 ya)

pretend my hair isn't a ratty mess✧

feelin' extra soft ✧*:・゚(i just posted a new video!! it's a carpool with coll :) link is in my bio pls validate me)

hey, it's your local rainbow✨🌈🍥 #skechersstyle @skechers

anyone: "what's your favorite album?" ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀me, an actual piece of trash:

music festivals are guna kill me this season but I'll be bustin' front row in my @skechers 🎵🌸✨ which fest is your fav~ #skechersstyle

tb~ love these cuties!! ✨💜tag yourself: im the dude in the blue jacket who looks like he didnt get an invite to be in our pic

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