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Collin Kartchner #SavetheKids  Raised $100k’s for Hurricane Victims, Cancer Kids & You Are ❤️Billboards. Now we’re fighting social media. Speaking➡️ GABB⬇️

Hey Wyoming! 🤠 I am headed your way this week finally! Monday I’ll be speaking in Cody and Thursday I’ll be in Evanston. Swipe left for info fliers. I’m doing School assemblies and Parent nights in both cities— bring your friends, bring your family, bring your dogs, learn and grow closer to each other. HUGE thank you to the moms and people who made this week happen. #SavetheKids

The past 12 months I’ve spoken to over 300,000 teenagers and parents across 12 states, all about the negative side of smart phones and social media. I’ve talked face to face with more students than I can count sharing with me stories of needless suffering, all at the hand of a phone. Students in tears telling me how much they miss their best friend who died all from something to do with social media. Countless messages from teens I’ve received, and shared, saying in their own words how social media and their phone ruined their life, robbed them of their innocence, or stole their childhood. There was never a great option to keep the bad stuff out of your kids’ pocket, until now. I met with the founder of Gabb Wireless just 2 months ago and I am pumped. For parents who don’t want to open up their kids to the bad stuff, but their tween/teen needs a phone, and flip phones aren’t a good option, there’s Gabb.
Today it launched and you need to get one for your tween/teen, your grandkid, heck even yourself. Break the cycle and stop worrying about what your kids might see or do with untethered access to the social expression of 2 billion human beings. Smart phones aren’t phones, they’re mini computers in your kids’ pocket. And $99 is the price tag 😧click the link in my bio to see more, watch the video of the founder, he’s just a dad like me. I want to save the kids from smart phone crushing their mental health and robbing them of real connection, not just make things that help the symptoms. It’s time to cut the cancer off completely. “But this is just the world kids are growing up just have to give it to them and hope they make good decisions.” With a pre-frontal cortex (which helps kids make good decisions) not fully developed til 24-30? Nope. PLEASE share this with your peeps. Check the link to see what it can and can’t do. This is going to change the game. It’s going to save lives. Phones ship August 2019 order now, link in bio. #firstphone #startsmart ——“Parents have to intervene, we have to stop giving our kids access to phones and social media at young ages. They are NOT ready for it, their minds cannot cope with the dopamine.” -Simon Sinek—

I am legit Out-of-My-Mind ECSTATIC about this.... 🕺🏼😁🙌🏼👏🏻❤️
This Wednesday I’m revealing something amazing...
...something that is YEARS overdue...something that will change the game... something that will answer SO many parent’s prayers...something that will SAVE LIVES and SAVE KIDS....
No parent asked for all the horrible 💩 that can come with handing your tween/teen a smart phone, when all you really wanted that phone to do was let you get ahold of them, to know your child is safe, so you can sleep better. But there hasn’t been a great option for your tween/teenager that doesn’t make them feel ostracized or left out.... UNTIL THIS WEDNESDAY... Finally, an answer to the question, “What do I give my kid who is too old for the watch or Walkie-talkie thing, too cool for a flip phone, but I DO NOT want them to have 24/7 access to the garbage on social media, or unlimited porn one click away, or the life-sucking games the App Store pumps out daily?!?” — stay tuned —

my brain, sometimes: “Maybe you’re overreacting...maybe just give your 7th grade daughter a phone and social media🧐.” *open DM’s*
me: “again nope.” Swipe left, all from just this week.

Wayne County Utah friends☝🏼come tonight 6:30pm at the high school here in Bicknell—FREE parent & youth night. PS I petted a buffalo down the road here. BUFFALO. #SavetheKids

⭐️Hey Sevier County friends⭐️ April 29th is finally here I’ll be speaking all day tomorrow in your area —assemblies at the high schools for all the junior high/high school students then a free parent night 6pm at Richfield High School. Swipe left for assembly schedule and more info. Thank you Hilary and Chelsea and others there for all the effort to make this happen see you Monday 👋🏼 #SavetheKids

Speaking Tonight 7pm @ Mountain View High in Orem for @hope4orem, tomorrow Enterprise UT 1:30pm school assembly then a fee parent night at 7pm at the high school. Swipe left for some messages from kids.

American Fork High School girls lacrosse team doing an 8-second hug now before each game ❤️ SIRI wHy r mY eYEs RaINinG #savethekids @americanforkgirlslacrosse

Denair California yesterday/Tuesday was 💯 thank you Meredith and Amy who reached out to make it happen! Swipe left for pics. Kids are axing toxic social media accounts and apps and hugging again. Today I’m in Novato CA— 4 assemblies today, parent night last night, Kids here are amazing and gas is $19.75/gallon 🕺🏼🙌🏼

That’s one way to get your dad back😂. “Guess you’ll just have to take me on a bike ride now 🤷🏼‍♂️.” $100 Amazon gift card for the first person who can lock their dad/mom’s iPad up longer than this champ did. I’m not joking. DM me a screenshot. #SavetheParents

Two week ago, I spoke at schools in Iowa. The students came up with this idea they started this week to make kids at the middle and elementary school feel like champs. The Varsity track and field team came to their school to high-5 EVERY student coming in the door and tell them they’re awesome. Next week, the football team. If you are wondering who is going to heal our country, it won’t be the adults, the schools, or the government. It’s going to be the kids. So get out of their way, and empower them to do what they do better than anyone of us... love people. This message is brought to you by 2 hours of sleep. #hashtags #internet #whyisthereatrainacrossthestreet #doinggood #highschool #highfive

you, a smart person: “Correlation does not equal causation!” me, an idiot: “...🤷🏼‍♂️.”
Save the Kids tour this week:
Monday- assemblies in Ephraim, North Sanpete High
Tues/Wed: Livingston, Montana
Thursday: Raleigh, NC
Friday: Sundance
Swipe left for fliers, Go Texas Tech!

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