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Katrina💫Certified Health Coach  #thedailysculpt College grad affordably helping women change their lives mentally + physically ⭐️ 📚 B.S. Food Science Try my program for $1👇🏻🍑💪🏻


A critical part of ones fitness journey, whether it be from family..friends..or a squad 😉

If you can’t tell, in the first video I struggle to brace my core/keep from swinging back and forth without @alexastancofit helping me maintain focus in my core.

Physical and mental support from others while you dive into a healthier lifestyle is so important.... as the road can be a difficult and lonely one.

This is why our Sculpt Squad community within #thedailysculpt was created.. to lift each other up always.

Less than 24 hours to join #thedailysculpt and find your support system👏🏼 TAG a partner to do these ab workouts with👇🏻

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@alexastancofit is officially apart of #thedailysculpt! Now we officially have seasonal meal plans every month, at home workouts, and one of my dearest friends bringing in her incredible expertise on everything gut health, nutrition, and training

Our goal for #thedailysculpt is to CONSTANTLY level up and offer an extremely affordable platform with all the tools to become the absolute best version of yourself.

For $1 you can join us on your journey to your most confident self. Links in bio, Let’s get it!

Song: Sanguine Paradise @liluzivert

Some functional training wurrrrkk today after a little upper body sesh👏🏼 Felt amazing to get outside! Workouts have been 🔥 lately. Turning off my notifications, deleting social media apps if needed, and turning on my lookin like a meal playlist 🔑

My workouts don’t vary much week to week, so changing up the cardio I do helps keep things fresh/exciting. Hope everyone has had a bomb day ❤️ much love!

Song: Die Young @roddyricch

🍑 day at @armbrustprogym! Had to hit legs with all the bomb machines here!

I hit legs 2-3 days a week, with 2 upper body days and two rest days currently! I follow #thedailysculpt split so whaattchaaknowboutthat. Movements are always focused on control, form, and maintaining tension! I personally don’t utilize the intense humping motion or “glute squeeze” as i feel the most glute activation keeping constant tension! 🍑sumo deadlift w/ dumbbell, 3 x 8. Rest weight to ground each rep and push through heels.
🍑sumo deadlift, 3 x 12
🍑reverse lunges, 3 x 8 each leg
🍑3 x 12 leg press + 3 x 8 Bulgarian split squats
🍑hip abduction, 2 x 30 ( neutral spine, round upper back)
🍑hip thrust, 3 x 10

🔥 Cable workout for dat WAGON

Cables are great for accessory work, for eccentric movements/time under tension, and are bomb when you are low on time or all the squat racks are taken. Countless times I did a 15-20 minute cable workout between classes in college! Try this one out👇🏻 💕 cable front lunges, 3 x 12
💕 cable front squat, 3 x 8 (heavy- for more of a 🔥 do a 3 second eccentric)
💕 3 x 8 cable RDLs superset with single leg RDLs
💕 3 x 10 kickbacks, leg on bench optional
💕 2 x 15 hip abductions each side
💕 30 second squat walk burnout

1 WEEK since I moved into my new home 🏠

I’ve felt all the emotions.. extremely home sick, missing my friends, being incredibly uncomfortable, missing tf out of my home gym😅, and fear.

Fear of the “what if’s.” What if my vision/business fails, what if I hate the area, what if I can’t make new friends, what if I can’t find good relationships here etc

Those fears of the “what ifs” are what’s holding you back. Whatever you are constantly telling yourself in your mind.. that’s your truth.

YOU create your reality.

You can either choose to believe your fears.. or you choose to face them.

SO face ya fears like you face ya leg days... Ready to put in work knowing it’s going to be a f*cking struggle. But you don’t let it beat you.. you let it build you.

Leggings: @paragonfitwear code:collegeclean

ABS + cardio
Took a rest day from the weights and hit an ab & cardio day from #thedailysculpt 🔑 my #sculptsquad ladies get ready for this one 🔥

#thedailysculpt is a membership program that provides you with workouts & recipes for the week, bonus PDFs from gut health to macro tracking, to instructional videos, and live Q&As. Lots of exciting things being added in 👀 check out the link in my bio! ❤️ 🌸 incline walk intervals 15 minutes. 1 minute slow, 1 minute fast.
🌸 high to low cable wood chop, 3 x 15 each side
🌸 3 x 10 half burpees + 10 jump squats
🌸 cable woodchop, 3 x 10
🌸 10 side crunches + 12 six inch lowers
🌸 2 x box jumps until failure

Outfit: @buffbunny_collection

Want strong legs?

Then work on building some strong lats👏🏼 I was becoming so frustrated with compound lifts because my upper body physically could not hold the bar OR my upper body fatigued way before my lower body. SO working on building my upper body strength has been 🔑 to I’m able to optimally preform my compound movements!

1️⃣ Conventional Deadlifts, 4 x 7 (starting with pelvis tucked in- neutral spine)
2️⃣ underhand rows, 3 x 15
3️⃣ cable pullover, 3 x 10-12
4️⃣ seated close-grip cable row, 3 x 8
5️⃣ lying cable face pulls, 3 x 12

Hamstring WURK 🌞

My quads tend to take over my little ole chicken thighs SO making hamstrings a priority all 2019 👏🏼 I make it a point to burn out my fatigue my hamstrings slightly before any squat movements to make sure they are activated - lying hamstring curls are my fav for burn outs!

1️⃣ Cable RDLS
2️⃣ Dumbbell RDLS
3️⃣ Cable Pull-throughs
4️⃣ leg press ( position feet up high to hit hammies)
5️⃣ Seated leg curl
6️⃣ one-leg cable RDL

🍑 Had to hit a booty workout for the first lift in my new home! Elevation here is no joke lmao 💀 excited to push myself outside my comfort zone- far away from family/friends/and home. This is where the growth happens.

Elevated pulse lunges, 3 x 8
Sumo squat + sumo squat pulses, 3 x 8 + 20
Lying leg curl, 3 x 15
Calf raises, 3 x 30
Hip abduction, 3 x 20

Leggings: @forever21
Top: @buffbunny_collection

Boulda shoulda wurk⭐️ On the road to my new home in Denver Colorado BUT wanted to throw some shoulder exercises right quickk 🔥🔥 anyone remember when we weren’t allowed to wear anything that showed our shoulders in middle and highschool? WELL hide yo kids hide yo wife the shoulders are out to play this is not a drill

Time to show our shoulders the love they deserve after being covered up for so many years 🌞

Leaning lateral raise, 3 x 12
Around-the-worlds, 3 x 15
Cable Upright row, 3 x 12
Cable press, 3 x 8
One-arm cable press, 3 x 12

Joggers: @paragonfitwear code:collegeclean
Top: @nvgtn

Booty shakin leg WURK 🔥

Still not feeling 100% - but taking as much time as my body needs! It can be difficult mentally when you aren’t able to preform to your best ability.. whether that be due to an injury, heartbreak, poor mental health etc.

BUT slow and steady wins the race 😌 take the time you need to heal - the only person you’re competing against is yourself. And that’s learning how to show your body love each day 🔑

3 x 15 eccentric squats, I died
4x 6-8 sumo deadlifts
4 x 8 hack squats
3 x 20 walking lunges
3 x 12 RDLS ( foot on bench)
3 x 12 assisted pistol squats

Outfit: @paragonfitwear code:collegeclean

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