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madison♡  @colleen is the real Colleen Ballinger, this is just a fanpage with her old username! Colleen liked X2 Jessica liked X2

hey i was wondering when do y'all start school? also what grade are you guys in? i'm curious lol

hi my captions are so boring i'm sorry so im gonna start doing qotd!

qotd: what country are you currently in?

hi what's up guys i'm giving up on a theme

qotd: what's your first name when you take the vowels out?
-mdsn ❤️😂

hi i'm back with a new stuff theme because i'm lazy!!😝
also psa stop trying to hack me i can see y'all trying but it's rude so stop
qotd: did you go to rachel's book tour?
also ty for 6k!!

hoppy easter

hello ✌️

sorry I don't feel like editing pictures anymore. I might go back to it sometime but I'm so busy and these cuties don't need any editing💖

💄I'm almost at 5k!
💩 qotd: what instruments have you played?
🎶 I've played piano (now), ukulele (now), trombone (1 year), and percussion (1 year).

💅🏻 i love these queens <3
👫 qotd: do you have poor sight or hearing?
💄 my hearing is perfect, but my eyes are just broken they don't allow me to see anything my vision sucks

🍪 new theme :)
🎬 qotd: what electives do you take? (if you're in high school)
🎶 I take chorus and piano😅🔫

qotd: what are you dressing up as?

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