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COLLECTIVE  Architecture • Interiors • Design Consultancy • Experiential Art • Hong Kong, Madrid & New York


Upcoming: Exhibition Architecture for the next @k11artfoundation show “Emerald City” with Artistic Director @venuslauhk and the KAF Crew, opening on 2018.03.27 #K11 #KAF #exhibitiondesign #collective_studio

"The Enormous Space: Lee Kit & Cui Jie Double Solo Exhibition" opening at OCAT Shenzhen on 2018.01.20 till 2018.04.08, Exhibition Architecture by COLLECTIVE / “偌大空間:李傑、崔潔雙個展” 將於2018年1月20日至4月8日於OCAT深圳館呈現, 展覽建築空間設計 by COLLECTIVE @ocatshenzhen #ocatshenzhen #LeeKit #CuiJie #collective_studio #exhibitiondesign

JOIN US! ( please share) Contact us at office@collective-studio.co

Merry Christmas from COLLECTIVE X @h0nh1m with @hkfashionwalk 😌🎄 ------ Haptic Organ : commissioned by Fashion Walk ------ ‘Haptic’ originates from the greek word ‘haptikos’: any sort of information received through touch is haptic, as it appears in this installation, it is based on kinesthetic (expressing force or position) communication, in which the motion of the hand initiates visual displays and sound variations, thus allowing audiences to receive familiar feedbacks to learn how to operate the installation as an instrument.

The creative duo COLLECTIVE and h0nh1m designed Haptic Organ with an intention to make music tangible, visible, sharable among each other to encourage group interactive moments in celebration of the Christmas season.

It is in the form of a 4-meter tall spiraling instrument with the recognizable elements of the strings; music notes are prompted with the aid of the non-contact haptic interface that detects hands movement in the air, while each of the 20 transparent tubes, like a pipe organ, wrap round the spiral, each encased with a metallic ball which rises up and down, dancing inside the tube through initiated air movement by hand motion; users received the visual feedback of dancing balls and can freely improvise his or her music with the aid of eight sensors giving eight notes across an octave, in addition to four that gives tones of musical instruments like strings, woodwinds, harps and sleigh bells, with volume controllable with ascending and descending movements of the hands over the haptic interfaces.

h0nh1m creates the music as a blessing for joy and peace in the Christmas season. One of the piece is an rearrangement by h0nh1m of ‘Happy Christmas (War is Over)’ written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, it was a work of peace activism, looking towards for peace, equality, the end of wars and discrimination. “And so happy Xmas (war is over)
For black and for white (if you want it)
For yellow and red ones (war is over)
Let's stop all the fight (now)” - John & Yoko / Plastic Ono Band


COLLECTIVE Team: Betty Ng, Katja Lam, Ray Lau, Wingyi So
Chris Cheung / h0nh1m Team: Chris Cheung, Jason Lam, Man Kit Leung

ching ching to end of year / beginning of next year 🍻 #teamgoals with our special guests @sanny_h_ng from New York and @azadehmashayekhi from London!

Public Art Installation “Circular Reflection” includes an outdoor Virtual Reality experience area at the waterfront : a geometrical multi-faceted helmet was designed for skull ergonomics, to conceal the technology, amplifies the presence of the user yet under anomaly, and intends to offer participants a multi dimensional visual experience of Victoria Harbour waterfront both inside and outside . It is a collaboration between artist Hung Keung, with creative partners yu+co[lab] and installation design architect @collective_studio, curated by orleanlaiproject. photo by Ng Tze Kwan #yucolab #collective_studio

5 mins soloist mode added - two more weeks to experience Haptic Organ at @hkfashionwalk , come play a Christmas tune, it really works 😉 - interactive instrumental installation by @collective_studio X @h0nh1m #HapticOrgan

Salisbury Garden along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in Hong Kong was officially re-opened on 8 Dec.

The revamped Salisbury Garden is designed by Field Operation with an elliptical lawn in front of the waterfront and bleachers facing Victoria Harbour.
Public Art Installation “Circular Reflection” intends to offer participants a multi dimensional visual experience of Victoria Harbour waterfront. It is a collaboration between artist Hung Keung with theatre director Alex Cheung, together with creative partners yU+co.[lab] and installation design architect COLLECTIVE, curated by orleanlaiproject. It includes a set of 3 interactive installations, each displays in a set of 3 circular forms, complimenting with geometrical VR experiential helmets at the waterfront bleachers, together with experiential performances by theatre director Alex Cheung. It is on view from December 9 2017 till February 11 2018.

The reopened Salisbury garden contains a series of new commissioned works of public facilities and art installations. Our friend LAAB Architects presented their new work “Garden Restrooms”. Artists:
Hung Keung + Alex Cheung

Creative Partner and Technical Management on Installation:

Installation Design:

Performance in Collaboration with:
Cally Yu / Dominic Wong / Edmund Leung

Curated by:

Presented by:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

More Info:
大觀圓 Circular Reflection

For Docent Tour:

Images from:

🤘🏼super excited to be recognized with all the talented award recipients at the DFA Design for Asia Awards with a Silver Award 💿 ❤️ we are full of gratitude for our collaborators, clients and friends for all their trusts, discussions, advice and encouragement in the last 2 years, great beginning for COLLECTIVE! 🎉 📷project photo by @kingymak
project info:

more on DFA:

#dfaawards #dfaawards2017 @collective_studio #collective_studio #workspace

Demo of the interactive instrument designed by COLLECTIVE @collective_studio X @h0nh1m ( Chris Cheung) at @hkfashionwalk , Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - turn on the volume 🎼📣

Two DFA awardees by DFA Awards had a fun collaboration with @hkfashionwalk and this interactive instrument happened ( some glitter for christmas!) - by COLLECTIVE @collective_studio (DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 - Silver Award (Environmental Design)) X @h0nh1m ( Chris Cheung -DFA HKYDTA 2009)

HAPTIC ORGAN : The latest interactive installation by COLLECTIVE @collective_studio x @h0nh1m (Chris Cheung) is an reinterpretation of various musical instruments juxtapose with each other in its form, visual feedback and interactive engagement. Currently on show at @hkfashionwalk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong until 1 Jan 2017.

Our first design award submission landed us the "DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 – Silver Award" for one of our early projects "Meat Freezer Room and Administrative Office", exciting beginning for COLLECTIVE!
#dfaawards #dfaawards2017 @collective_studio #collective_studio
photo by @kingymak


新公屋邨街頭支援隊 : Back in Early 2017 we contributed to Hong Kong Christian Service at the newly constructed On Tat Public Housing Estate’s Outreach Program, designed and built a series of Play Trolley for Social Workers to bring toys and equipments out to the estate’s public spaces for the 5000 children in the neighbourhood without a Youth / Children Center so yet, when their parents are at work in the day time - Today, our @suetk represented @collective_studio to celebrate one of the highest Gold Award in Social Work at the HKCSS Convention #probono #socialwork #hongkongchristianservice #香港基督教服務處 @hkcss_1947 #hongkongcouncilofsocialservice #香港社會服務聯會

in the making 👷🏻‍♀️👷🏻 - bespoke terrazzo with white marble aggregate, a private study room inside an industrial loft

Exhibition Architecture: Calligraphy, Video and Transparency at "Sincerely Yours: Personal Letters of Tsinghua Scholars" 尺素情懷清華學人手札展 #WangDongLing + #LiangQichao #王冬齡 + #梁啟超 @collective_studio #exhibitiondesign

Exhibition Architecture for "Sincerely Yours: Personal Letters of Tsinghua Scholars" @collective_studio designed a series of vitrines that intend to dissolve yet elevate the presence of the exhibit vessels; we invited graphic designers @geoffhan from New York and @ludemarroni from Amsterdam as collaborators for this exhibition about writings and calligraphy - join us for the opening today 8 Sept from 4 pm to 6 pm at City University of Hong Kong, Lau Ming Wai Building , 18/F #exhibitiondesign

retail store design for DETERMINANT happened last week in Beijing amongst all the craziness💥@deedeepoon with @collective_studio #DETshirts

"To Engage with Sustainability, the Museum Experience Becomes Participatory" @framemagazine - final day to view @shanghaiproject #SeedsofTime at @himalayasmuseum shanghai , Exhibition Architecture designed by @collective_studio #exhibitiondesign

"Collective Studio's Shanghai Project Chapter 2 Proposes a New Type of Museum Experience" @designboom - 3 days left to view @shanghaiproject #SeedsofTime at @himalayasmuseum shanghai , Exhibition Architecture designed by @collective_studio #exhibitiondesign

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