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"To Engage with Sustainability, the Museum Experience Becomes Participatory" @framemagazine - final day to view @shanghaiproject #SeedsofTime at @himalayasmuseum shanghai designed by @collective_studio

"Collective Studio's Shanghai Project Chapter 2 Proposes a New Type of Museum Experience" @designboom - 3 days left to view @shanghaiproject #SeedsofTime at @himalayasmuseum shanghai designed by @collective_studio

Since the series’ inception in 1993, #WishTree has been installed in several cities around the world, including at Venice’s Peggy Guggenheim Collection in 2003, receiving more than one million wishes altogether. @yokoonoofficial #YokoOno has been creating these site specific artwork as each tree species is chosen for its importance to the location, and when possible, indigenous to the place and its climate. Anyone can write a wish on the ‘wish tag’ and hang it on the branches of the trees. In #ShanghaiProject #SeedsofTime we have paired the wish tree with a copy of Ecocore #shanghaiedit, a magazine by #AlessandroBava @sig.bava @ecocore.zine on a display by @luisortegag, sitting on an printed asphalt carpet we designed - 5 days left to view @shanghaiproject #SeedsofTime at @himalayasmuseum shanghai - photo by @suetk

“We’re All Water” was written by #YokoOno as a meditation on the characteristics shared among all people. The lyrics were adapted from "Water Talk", a 1967 poem that says " you are water I'm water. we're all water in different containers that's why it's so easy to meet. someday we'll evaporate together but even after the water's gone we'll probably point out to the containers and say, "that's me there, that one." - the acoustic enclosure for the sound installation was designed to concentrate and intensify the audio experience for a group of maximum four people, without the sound spilling away into the open atrium, while also providing a geometric presence - exhibition closing on 31 July 2017 #SeedsofTime #ShanghaiProject #Envision2116 @shanghaiproject @himalayasmuseum #collective_studio photo by @suetk

#LittleSun is a project founded in 2012 by artist #OlafurEliasson and engineer #FrederikOttesen, it was a belief in the power of sustainable light and energy to transform lives, especially to those 1.1 billion of people who live without access to energy - to continue our concept for Elements of Ecology on the design for the exhibition #SeedsofTime #ShanghaiProject #Envision2116, we abstracted a moment of tension between nature and artificiality, lying a hundred Little Sun on a grid appropriating a sunflower field that the audience can walk through ( read more at )- closing on 31 July 2017 @shanghaiproject @himalayasmuseum #collective_studio photo by @suetk

Elements of Ecology: Mountain and Asphalt - Design for the exhibition #SeedsofTime for #ShanghaiProject #Envision2116 consists of various abstracted moments of appropriated nature - closing on 31 July 2017 @shanghaiproject @himalayasmuseum #collective_studio photo by @suetk

We would like to extend invitation to like-minded architects and interior designers of all levels to join our busy and expanding studio at COLLECTIVE Hong Kong; send us an email at if you would like to know more of our current and future endeavors

hello #nyc - been too long

COLLECTIVE's brilliant summer'17 squad keeping it cool going through two major deadlines in 3 weeks - amazing team work 🙌🏼

Play Trolley #Triangle2
Mobile for various locations, the cube unfolds itself into a triangle revealing various sizes of compartments holding toys of all sizes and for all age group of children

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