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Play Trolley #2 Triangle
Parked in various locations, the cube unfolds itself into a triangle revealing various sizes of compartments holding toys for all age group of young children

Play Trolley #1 CUBE
Various sizes of drawers opening in all directions, young children can pick their toys on all four sides - no fighting!

Introducing our Play Trolley #1 CUBE

This is one of the two play trolleys we designed for Hong Kong Christian Service at On Tat Estate - A new and remote public housing estate up on the hills where the community centre is still under construction. We visited this outreach program and found that they needed a temporary solution for moving toys onto the street every weekend for the young children living in the area - we decided to give a little help on this!

Walking through the exhibition space, designed for the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Architecture Alumni Exhibition

Amidst the hyper density in the heart of Hong Kong, the exhibition design for CUHK School of Architecture Alumni offers the Times Square Living Room Museum a momentary sense of depth and grandeur through the use of forced perspective. It has a 20 meter long exhibition space that appears to be triple the reality- it is a spatial experience through the gradual change of dimension and colors, together with the play of inclination of the central axis. Such play of scale was showcased in one of the best historical architecture example, Palazzo Spada, designed by Italian Architect Francesco Borromini.

Exhibition design for the CUHK School of Architecture alumni exhibition at Times Square Living Room Museum, Hong Kong; as an alumna from CUHK, Katja Lam @suetk from COLLECTIVE volunteered to lead the design of the exhibition since the project was initiated 6 months ago
Photo by Kevin Mak @kingymak

Archive for #ShanghaiProject Chapter 2 #SeedsofTime #ShanghaiHimalayasMuseum - design by #Collective_Studio with #YungwooLee and #HansUlrichObrist - the archive grows throughout the exhibition period of 100 days and acts as the deposit of knowledge and research to be shared with the public #shanghai

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