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Colin Eldridge 

#CoheedandCambria || 7/17/19

I’ve been shooting a bunch but have gotten lazy on posting ever since my website broke. A show like this really makes me remember why I got into this in the first place and really inspires me to keep grinding and level up my craft. A big shout out to Alleen and Toby of @tandamedia for the unwavering support and endless opportunities, be sure to give them a heckin follow. 21st*** time seeing The Heed 2nd time shooting them 🙌

#SuperWhatevr || 5/15/18

#ADayToRemember || 3/15/18

#EnterShikari || 1/30/18

#Bleachers || 11/17/17

#Thursday || 12/29/17

#Underoath || 9/10/17

In 2016 I made a concerted effort to focus on photography, admittedly in 2017 it took a back seat in terms of priorities. Here’s to bringing it back to the forefront in 2018.

#TheReignOfKindo || 8/20/17

#Mew || 8/8/17

#TheShins || 8/2/17

#EveryTimeIDie || 7/16/17

#Palisades || 7/30/17

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