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The cool crisp sunny fall days are hard to beat

Thank you @ecuadane for helping to keep @kelseydelanoy warm when the wind picks up, not to mention adding some sweet color pop

I hope your weekend was filled with all kinds of fall goodness and that your journey into Monday is a good one

Shall we go for a stroll...that never ends

I easily could have missed you, simply passing you by without notice, but you called to me, drew me in and captivated me. I could not stay for long but we both know that I will return.

New experiences, new people, new places, and old vans...sounds like a recipe for success

The calm and peacefulness found in moments of reflection are a big part of why the reflection is so beautiful in reality

My littlest little turned 6 today! I could not be more proud of this girl. She is one of the most fearless kids I have ever seen and could not have more spunk and personality crammed into such a tiny person. I am so in love with her and her inspiring spirit. Now if she could just slow down on her growing up so fast

Thought a fitting follow up to my last post...A peek at the highest bungee in North America...Yewww!

Perspective is something that continues to fascinate me. Just a an hour or two before this shot was taken I was taking a 250 ft plunge off a bridge with a 300 ft drop, the tallest bungee in North America. As I began this hike up I was talking with some climber friends who thought jumping off a bridge sounded nuts and was not something they would do. Now I sit here towards the top of misery ridge watching and photographing climbers as they reach the top of Monkey Face having the same thoughts the climbers had towards my bungee experience. I’m thinking these people are nuts and hanging off the face of that rock would scare the hell out of me. So while just a short while ago I was taking a crazy plunge off a bridge I now sit here in awe and for a moment cannot help but feel basic AF.
The truth is we all are in different places doing different things and with all of these different things we all had to start somewhere. Regardless of where we are at in the process of progressing in whatever it is we are doing it is important to take joy in the accomplishment of each step along the way. The reality is there will always be someone going further, pushing the limits further. We should be able to be awestruck and inspired by the people ahead of us while not letting it take away from where we are.
I am fascinated by the accomplishments of these climbers and will show you some shots of them soon

The change to cloudy rainy days can be a bit of a rough transition for me, although knowing that means snow in the mountains makes it all good in the Hood

It amazes me how the simplest of concepts can bring so many people together yet there is still so much division between us all. Gatherings like this one at Descend on Bend are a great example of a few hundred people coming together to enjoy the commonality we all share.
However within this community of vanlifers there are so many differences between us all. There are meat eaters, vegans, conservatives, liberals, old run down vans, new shiny vans, poor people, rich people, different religious beliefs, etc. There is no doubt we all have far more differences than commonalities. Yet despite the many differences we all share we are somehow are able to come together respect, enjoy, and love each other.
It makes you wonder how does this phenomenon of so many people all getting along and supporting each other despite their vast differences take place. There are obviously many layers and reasons to this. However one stands out to me most. When I think about how much division there seems to be in the world today and contrast it to small moments in time during gatherings like this there is one thing that stands out the most to me.
It is the “gathering”. When we gather together like this we are face to face in such a real way. We are not communicating with each other through a screen. We have gathered together face to face, flesh to flesh, and in the spirit of the commonality set before us. The screen causes people to interact with levels of disrespect few would ever have face to face. And yes I realize the irony in that I am typing this on a screen. The fact is though, that when we are face to face we feel the hurt on the face in front of us, just as we feel the love and joy. When we gather together with an initial intention of this love and joy we feel it right away. The strength of that is powerful. It makes us realize how much better it feels than to be divided and therefore we hold on to it a bit stronger...continued in comments...👇🏼

I’ll watch out for you and always get your back and you watch out for me and always get my back and together we will live our best life...Deal, deal, okay shake on it

Thanks for the snap @kelseydelanoy

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