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Making new friends

Been spending a lot of time in the mountains lately, feeling the need to balance that out with some time at the coast

The road winds, the view changes, sometimes the destination is far, sometimes not far at all, sometimes it’s way too hot, sometimes it’s way too cold, sometimes the destination is planned sometimes it’s not, and sometimes I’m not sure I’ll even make it where I am going. There are always so many variables and I guess if I tried, so much to consider and potentially worry about as I go mile after mile. Yet somehow when jump in this seat, worries become the furthest thing from my mind and I find myself full on in no worries mode. I turn the key and each time Sunny fires up I am filled up with so much gratefulness that she fired up once agin, that’s all that matters, now it’s time to simply enjoy the journey and whatever it brings.

This beach is one of many places I very much look forward to spending more time at.

One thing is for certain, we are in this together.
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It’s a whole new day out there, let’s go see what’s out there

It is important to push ourselves, find our limits and continue to stretch them. However I think it is also important to occasionally stop and reflect on why we push and check in to ensure there is balance of rest so that the pushing does not end up all for not.
I had intended on being in the mountains this weekend which would have been a continuation of that push. In the past month I battled an ongoing cold, the flu, and just last week threw my back out to the point of basically being immobilized. I had been pushing and pushing and should have listened to my body after the cold or the flu. However I didn’t listen so my body raised its voice to a volume that it knows will stop me in my tracks and make me take notice. It knows that by shouting through my back it brings back memories of a severe injury and some of my darkest days. If you know my story then you know what I’m referencing. That is a place I refuse to go back to of my own doing. When you have something taken from you such as health and mobility you know how precious it is. Thanks to some excellent chiropractic work and knowing my body deeply through my yoga practice I was feeling a lot better by Friday and almost continued the pushing. I know that would have been a mistake and that pushing to soon would have likely been a set back and push in the wrong direction. So I took this weekend to rest and get caught up on some other things that have been procrastinated. So by stopping the push and taking rest, the rest has actually given me the push that I really needed. Don’t forget to rest folks it is the biggest key to balancing the push.

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There is the light that guides us, the light we search for, and the light we guide others with. Each has has a completely different perspective yet they merge together as one in the same. The the light we search for is a brighter version of the flickers from the light that guides us, and the light we guide others with is the portion of our guiding light that bounces and reflects off of us. Light can be a tricky thing. One stationary light can have things placed in front of it that can make it split and bounce around until it is nearly impossible to see the original source. Our guiding light never actually dims or moves, but it can have blockages that will cause its rays to bounce around in different directions, sometimes splitting it in multiple directions that make the path appear confusing, conflicting, and misguided. We have to remove the blockages from the light, but in order to do so we have to see them through the shadows being cast. So it is up to us to be able to shift our perspective in order to lift and see past the shadows along the way and remove the blockages. As we do so our guiding light becomes brighter, we absorb more of it giving us the ability to then shift and cast our reflective light to those around us, holding out a lit hand to be seen by others through the shadows.
Most of us have people in our lives that we try and shine bright for, to be the light that will pull them through the shadows. It could be our children, significant other, family, friends, or even strangers we don’t know at all. I think it is in our nature to want to do this and I believe we thrive when doing so. However sometimes if we are not careful we can get so focused on being the light for others that we can loose focus on our own guiding light which can seem like a noble self sacrifice. Yet is not just a self sacrifice because as our own guiding light slips into the shadows the light which once illuminated from us in turn becomes a shadow that is cast.
Light is naturally reflective so we each need to keep our focus and as a result we will all together shine brighter than ever

“Roads, where we are going we don’t need roads...”

As much as I love traveling and shooting new places Mama Hood is my home mountain and I could probably spend the next year only shooting Hood and be perfectly content. There is something to be said for knowing a place better than any other place yet still having so much to still explore and that the more and more you explore the more beauty you uncover and from a photography perspective the more you are able to bring out said beauty...I suppose the same could apply to people

I grew hating mushrooms due to their taste and texture, yet the more I dive down the rabbit hole of all their benefits and capabilities the more they blow my mind

Back roads, highway roads, dirt roads, or snow covered mountain roads. If you need to find me, odds are I’m on the road

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