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The 4am alarm is off! The 630 one will be set, but we will see what happens.

First and last day of school 2017.

Attention moms****** ••Your allowed to put your health fitness first. ••Your allowed to live yourself enough to care about how you look like. •• Your allowed to work hard for a body you feel confident in. •• Your allowed to feel sexy after having kids •• Your allowed to ❤️ your stretch marks •• Your allowed to out yourself happiness first.

Because when you do, you become a strong example of a happy strong ,beautiful , healthy , courageous and confident woman. That is something to share with your kids.
Are you ready to allow me to help you put your self first and your fitness first? I encourage you to let me help.
We all need to love ourselves and we all need help with it.
If you are ready to be a strong , confident , healthy mom?

Let's chat!

Cadence had quite the day. She ran a 26.09 in the girls on 5k and then scored two goals at her last soccer game of the season. We celebrated at yogurtini afterwards.

In just 3 weeks , all this can happen. It takes support for sure and dedication. The before and after are my own results. Crazy to think a 80/20 plan can get these results. The others are from challengers posting in our group. ******* *********************************
I am looking for 3-4 more women who want these results and need the accountability. •••••meal planning. •••••over 600 workouts that you can stream right from your device at home. •••••2 coaches to provide with anything questions , motivation. •••••• new friendships •••••• a shake that takes away sugar cravings , taste likes dessert and so many nutrients. Just drink it and never worry about a multivitamin.
••••• best of all RESULTS
Comment "results " for info or send me a message.

Last year at this time, I would have not asked for weights for Mother's Day, but this year I did and I loved it. I finally made it to 20# on leg day and it had been a process for sure. I knew I had to push myself and I did. Start the process now. No matter what negative thoughts your thinking. Each day is a new day to push yourself more and a new opportunity to begin again. No excuses. They will take over your thoughts. Start now and push yourself to a healthier mind, body and life. Why wait? You have to start the process in order to see results.

My ones and only forever.

My last moms and muffins with all three of them in one school.

personal COMMITMENT to your fitness success must be paramount in your life. As a mother, putting the needs of our children comes first and we would go to great lengths to protect them. I’m not saying your fitness goals should come before your children, what I am saying is being healthier and feeling better does require you to place your needs high on the list. I’m a firm believer that a healthy mom is a happy mom. No one else will do it for you so YOU must make that decision and stick with it no matter what. what is your commitment level ? Having the accountability out there will cause you to think twice before ordering fries with your shake. Commitment starts with a simple, realistic goal.

Greatful for @emherod who bought me lunch for teacher appreciation week. It was so yummy! Thank you!

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