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colette  #coletteforever closed since December 20th, 2017

Happy Birthday Madame Colette!

@bengorham @officialbyredo for Madame Colette 🖤 #coletteforever

Join the final sale of colette in Sweden later in August
#itsafound @afound

Bought him a jet
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Shut down colette
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Philippe Patek
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
APES**T lyrics, by The Carters, produced by @pharrell #jayz @beyonce - Great video by @rickysaiz in @museelouvre #everythingislove

Congratulations to @__doublet__ Winner of the @lvmhprize Video by @hugueslawsonbody @elawson6 @la_pac for colette documentary #workinprogress #lvmhprize #coletteforever

Belated special gift, Thank you @jumpman23 @nike #Jumpman #coletteforever 📷 @philipandelman

Entendu par @loicprigent ☝🏻We would be 21 years old today 🎂 #coletteforever

Merci! Vous nous manquez aussi 😉 #coletteforever Bonne Fête aux Colette

Happy New Year!!! #coletteforever

#coletteforever colette team captured by @hugueslawsonbody for au revoir

A Xmas Fail, a mini film by #Kuntzel+Deygas to watch on Too bad ! Cap & Pep missed the last day of #colette.
Arrived too late at 213 rue Saint Honoré, they desperately seek the spirit of Christmas but eventually find it back in an unexpected location #coletteforever

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