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Hey @ryannealcordwell if you must sacrifice me to the gods, at least let it be here.

Pura Vida 🇨🇷❤️

Photo by @piratebrandon

So far Costa Rica has certainly met and exceeded all expectations. The people are so incredibly delightful and the landscapes are endlessly breathtaking. Yesterday, we had a magical moment happen as we were hiking through a rainforest outside of La Fortuna. A family of 8 or 9 spider monkeys were playing in the tree canopy directly above our heads. While the older ones stayed high above us, this curious youngster climbed down close to study us and pose for some pictures. His face was so expressive and his mannerisms were playful. It was certainly something I'll never forget.

We arrived in the rain
As the clouds and trees swirled together
And the first thing I noticed
Was how the birds here sound different

Driving down the long, dirt road
From Liberia to Rincon De La Vieja
Making friends with every stray dog
My friend spoke to me about love
Saying that it's about appreciation
not possession
He recalled something he'd read;
If you love a flower
Admire it for all that it is
But don't pluck it from its stem
or all that you've loved will have died

PS @ryannealcordwell even when I'm in Costa Rica I'm in Sedona!

Trying to find a balance

Photo of the sweet and talented @chloexhalle in New Orleans last summer after we shot a dope live performance video for @grammypro

A portrait I took of @charlieputh for @localwolves ISSUE 38

Excerpt from my trusted @ezraarthur journal


The crinkled up paper creaked and moaned as it’s deep folds separated like zippers. The old paper was stale and waxy as it hissed and stretched and unfolded like the bellowing landscape it represented. I could almost smell the rain that had created the wobbles and pimples on it’s surface. I could taste the burned coffee grounds and cold french fries from the late night diner I’d stopped at off the 85 still wrestling on my tongue. Moths fluttering around the streetlight like a scattering army. The pavement below hummed like black peaks littered with diamonds waiting to be discovered. I traced my finger across the brittle parchment covered with coordinates and patches of pastel colored blotches defining forests and cities. Little triangles where towering trees stand like totems to a time when the world was still primitive. I taste the looming fog and the first gasp of fall; ashes and damp, dead leaves. Remnants of a campfire still living and breathing in my wool flannel jacket. An old country song plays like a lost ship through the truck radio. I catch the tail end of a line saying something about “heading west”. I look at the map, and feel my eyes trace the paper like worn, rubber tires on a desolate highway. West. West is where I’ll go.

Drowning in a dream


I'm so proud of my pals @tuckeraudie (Director) and @president__bush (Director of Photography) for the killer job they did on @themaineband new video for "Taxi". I had a great time helping out and being a part of such a great production. Check the link in my profile to check out the new video!

Tree Huggers Anonymous

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