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All of the flowers she deserves 🌻

A little while back I returned to one of my favorite places, White Sands, NM, to help my good friends @rextraterrestrial @deanastacia @darrin__bush and @alexgharper shoot a music video for @ecstaticunion new single “Desert Queen”. We had a blast shooting this and hope that the love that went into it is palpable. Head over to @atwoodmagazine for the official premiere or, for the lazier among you, click the link in my bio!

There’s nothing that the road cannot heal.

#aldo #aldocrew
Photo @wranglerbutt

I’ve been home in LA for a couple days, but it’s time to pack up a bag, guitar and the pup and cruise on out to Joshua Tree—my home away from home away from home. Tonight, I’ll be with a whole crew celebrating @wranglerbutt birthday as we dance to the dreamy tunes of @pearlcharles and @koreydane at @pappyandharriets If anyone wants to come howl at the moon with us, you best get your tickets soon before they sell out 🌵🚐💨

This past week I was honored to learn that the campaign we shot for @visitsedona along with my brother @ryannealcordwell and the amazing team at @ohadvertising was the Winner of 11 #AddyAwards including 8 Gold Awards and the coveted Judges Choice Award. Other highlights included Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Photography and Best Online/Interactive Campaign.

For those of you who were following along with our journey through Sedona last year, you know the literal blood, sweat and tears that went into this project (as well as the sprained ankle, wrecked off-road vehicle, broken camera lens, flat tire, etc). This project was two years in the making and, in the end, we hiked over 120 miles documenting 49 of Sedona’s best kept secrets in a conservation effort to alleviate the environmental impact caused by increases in tourism from Sedona’s most sacred and well-traversed locations so that the natural environment may have time to heal itself.

Sedona is a place I hold near and dear to my heart and it was a privilege to spend so much time there in 2017 appreciating every twisting tree of the vortex, every UFO in the sky, every dip in the cool waters of Oak Creek and the company of every character who joined us on our journey—the story could not have been told without you.

For those who want to check out the full campaign, click the link in my bio 🏜❤️

Recently while in New York, I had the great privilege of teaming up with @complex and @kennethcole to shoot an editorial piece with @cbroadus. The whole team was amazing to work with and I love how the piece turned out. For the full editorial, click the link in my bio.

Special thanks to my incredible assistant as well as @sahtia_rivers and all the wonderful people at @complex and @kennethcole who made everything come together.

Oh, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in
are you aware the shape I'm in?


For as long as I can remember, Paris has been a city that I’ve been enchanted by and drawn to. The allure of its ancient architecture and cafes filled with writers and lovers drinking wine or coffee and smoking cigarettes always seemed so picturesque. I think a part of me was almost hesitant to visit as I didn’t want to have my fantasies dashed—in my mind, Paris was always perfect.

What finally brought me here was the opportunity to work with the amazing team at @instagram as well as more than a dozen of the best fashion designers on the planet, covering Paris Fashion Week. I met so many incredible people and got to wander the halls of some of the most prestigious and storied venues in Paris. There was even a moment where I stood in the center of an empty Pyramid at the Louvre.

Despite a rigorous schedule, the cold and the rain, I stayed committed to walking as often as possible in order to take in every winding street I could. In the end I walked over 130 kilometers (80 miles) through the cobblestone streets of Paris and was never once disappointed by what I saw. With each turn I fell more in love with a place that is so quintessentially itself.

Tonight, I took in my final sunset from Pont des Arts on the River Seine as I listened to Parlez Moi D’Amore by Dana Boulé on repeat. I sat with my legs dangling as the wakes of passing boats lapped below. I observed a single duck floating on the glowing water beneath me. I watched her for a while and wondered if there was any way that she could possibly know how good she has it; how magical her life is. I then thought to ask myself the same thing.

I’m grateful for this beautiful life of adventure and wonder. Sometimes I feel a bit homesick or lonely, and then I remember what a blessing it is to experience so many special travels and moments; to be your own best friend, and to fall in love with a foreign place. To catch yourself writing in a cafe while drinking a coffee or a wine and realizing that you’ve become a part of the ambiance to which others will fall in love.

I’ve been neglecting my feed a bit lately in an attempt to stay more present in the moment, but those of you following along on my stories know that the last few weeks have been quite an adventure! Yesterday I found myself returning to the states from an incredible week of exploration in Mexico.

Here is a portrait of @zoebelleelyse captured at the Pyramid of the Sun; a place that I’d dreamed of visiting since I was a child. When at the base of the pyramid, I experienced a moment where my vision went blurry and my body felt like I was going to pass out. I assumed that I was just dehydrated and took a moment to rest and drink water. Upon reaching the top of the pyramid, as I sat in a moment of meditation, I felt an equal and opposite force enter my body, one of resounding peace. I couldn’t help but sit with a smile as waves of warm energy that were carried on the wind seemed to pulse through my body. Indeed it felt as if the spirits that gave themselves to the gods at Teotihuacán were alive and singing all along the Street of the Dead, and for a brief moment, I got to hum along.

Check out my new interview A CERTAIN CURIOSITY (link in bio) where I get the chance to chat with my friends at @folkmagazine about life on the road; both the lessons learned from the past and my hopes for humanity’s future.

And special thanks to @ryannealcordwell for contributing all the photos—you FINALLY did a good one!

It’s time for the annual June appreciation post! Seen here in her natural habitat, today my baby girl is celebrating her 12th birthday. I know that she may look like a pup but, to be fair, she has slept at least 10 of those 12 years away so she’s really technically only 2.

I always had big dogs growing up, but when it came time to get a pup of my own, I knew I wanted a dog that was small so she could travel with me as much as possible. But the first time I saw June’s big black eyes in a tiny ball of white fur, it didn’t really matter what I wanted. They say your pets pick you, and for me and Juney, it was definitely love at first sight. I named her June after June Carter (I was on a big Jonny Cash kick at the time. I still am, but I was then too!)

June’s life has probably been more adventurous than she bargained for. She’s taken boats, planes and sat shotgun en route to at least half the states in the union. She’s made appearances in photo shoots and wandered into more than one stage performance at our old venue in Arizona. There is even a folktale revolved around her (allegedly) eating an entire pizza by herself. She’s become somewhat of a legend to those lucky enough to know her and has changed more than a few minds about small dogs as she’s melted hearts time and time again; mine included.

So to the queen of cuddles, the Baddie Winkle of chihuahuas, the big alpha in the tiny body, and the trademark holder of the mouse emoji—may your nails forever click and clack faithfully at my heels and may you always feel as much love from me as I’ve felt from you.

Happy birthday little bug 🐭❤️

And I’ll wait right there
Where your laughter would break
Against the stinging of the air—
Like Gatsby and the green light
or the moon on the water
in a cool, black night—
Forever lost at sea

Excerpt from my @ezraarthur Journal 01.26.18

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