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Last night was amazing! I had one of the toughest matches of my life against one of my jiujitsu idols and was able to come out on top with the win. Literally this match was all grit, just trying to get submission attempts after submission attempts. I’m very happy I could put on a show with @billthegrillcooper in my home town. I believe we gave the fans what they wanted. Thank you to @f2wbjj for another amazing event, and for inviting me back on. Thank you @mauriciotinguinha for driving all the way out to Fresno to come coach the team. Thank you @albinoandpreto @arvieg for hooking me up with the dopest gis. Thank @nash_fit_calisthenics for all the strength and conditioning ( it was really needed for this match). Thank you @halobjj for bringing the heat last night. Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered for me last night. #bjj #bjjmemes #bjjlifestyle #bjjmojo #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #jitslife #jitsgrips #bjjgirls #bjjmylife #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #brazilianjiujitsucompetitor

Today I have OFFICALLY received my black belt from @mauriciotinguinha . A lot of people were asking my why I didn’t post anything about after my first competition, so that’s why. I just want to thank To my dad for suggesting to me that I should come out here and train with Tinguinha after high school. That has been the best advice I have ever gotten
Thank you to Mauricio for being an amazing coach and good friend for the past 5 years. Guiding me through all the ups and down on the mats.
Thank you to my older brother for getting me started
Thank you to the rest of my family (mom & miles) for always supporting me in my crazy dream
Thank you to everyone at Tinguinha’s for giving me a family when I was away from mine.
Thank you to Ray Alvarado and Angel for helping me get my start in jiujitsu
Thank you to anyone else that I have may forgotten. #bjj #bjjmemes #bjjlifestyle #bjjmojo #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #jitslife #jitsgrips #bjjgirls #bjjmylife #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #brazilianjiujitsucompetitor

Great seminar today @10pspringfield . Thank you to everyone who came out for this one!
@10pspringfield (@make_repost)
Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. Great guillotine info from @colefransonbjj . If you weren’t here you missed out on some game changers!! #bjj #bjjmemes #bjjlifestyle #bjjmojo #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #jitslife #jitsgrips #bjjgirls #bjjmylife #brazilianjiujitsulifestyle #brazilianjiujitsucompetitor

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