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Coleen Garcia  🇵🇭🇪🇸 Ordinary person in the hands of an extraordinary God "Fall seven times, stand up eight." I block negativity and unwanted ads. Good vibes! ✌️

Beautiful day for a shoot 🌺

Thank you to the friendly people I met earlier at #NarraHill for the fresh kale 😍 Also, your cassava cake is the best I've tasted so far!

So happy for you guys @ysantos @piolo_pascual! Congratulations on a job well done 👏 #NorthernLights is a very heartwarming movie that everyone should see! It was so refreshing to watch, and so beautifully shot and written ⭐️ Raikko Mateo is one of my favorite child actors and he was adorable in this movie. Watch it starting tomorrow, in theaters nationwide! You'll leave the room with both a smile and happy tears on your face ❤

Bebe @awrabriguela, pinapataba mo ata ako 😳 Hahaha salamat sa round 2 ng pasalubong mo! I love piaya!!! 😍

This morning, I started the day with a good cup of coffee 😌☕️

A nice, fresh energy booster for today's taping. Thanks @bigdaybrews 😘

Every great accomplishment deserves a fitting reward. Celebrate your victory and your journey with an elegant piece of @fncjewelry. These beautiful pieces remind you not only of how far you’ve come, but how far you’ll go. Dream big and be inspired as you enter a new chapter in your life. 

I love to workout but I usually go on my own and it hasn't really been firing me up, which is why I've been taking part in different classes. Whenever I feel like slacking or even stopping, I just turn to see the other women in the room with me, all in different shapes, sizes, ages, strengths and limitations, pushing themselves and trying their hardest to achieve their own personal fitness goals. Working out in groups has been so inspiring and motivating for me because I struggle with the group, and I finish strong with the group! Another class I've always enjoyed is @planaforma 😍 I feel like it targets all the areas that I tend to miss. So glad that they finally have a QC branch again! This means more classes for me. Yay ❤ Also, I finally get to wear my @toesoxph socks again 😁

Our babies always look forward to doing their grocery shopping at @bowandwow 😍 I LOVE that there is something for all of them here, whether it be toys, food, treats, accessories and other necessities. They're complete here! But the best part about shopping in #bowandwowph is knowing that your pets are getting the best and healthiest options that are available to them. I myself am very conscious when it comes to my own health, so I make sure my babies stay healthy and happy, too! Most of the products I got are easy to trust, and are made from all-natural ingredients ❤

If you want it, then you gotta work for it 💪

Happy birthday to this beautiful woman who is blessed with both talent and heart ❤ I'm so happy and proud of where you are now, and you're only getting started! I know you're going to achieve so much in your life, and it brings us joy to see you succeed, knowing that you're always the first to cheer others on and share your full support. I've said this countless times, Cuz, but I will always be here for you, and you will forever be our official third wheel! Even after I find you a boyfriend in Friday's 😜 Enjoy your special day!

Meet my #BambiTheTeenager Jr., Summer! Bambi's little apprentice. My heart is so happy! I can't believe how alike they are, both in appearance and in traits (apart from the age, of course) 😁 I just knew from the moment I saw her that she's MINE ❤ Thank you for helping me get her here all the way from Texas, @catspurrfectandclaws! 🐾 #SummerHuahua

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