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Coleen Garcia  🇵🇭🇪🇸 Ordinary person in the hands of an extraordinary God ALL for HIS glory ❤ I block negativity and unwanted ads. Good vibes! ✌️


Don’t leave na today, pls @janinamanipol. Huhu #sepanx 💔

Spent the morning here.. then pigged out on pancakes right after

It’s your year, #summerhuahua! ❤️🎉 #yearofthe🐶 #yearofthemomo

Imagine if you were given ONE ticket to an island you’ve never heard about, just to escape the realities you refuse to confront. Would you think that a few fleeting moments of pleasure and oblivion are worth the consequences that come after? Watch #SinIsland today and decide for yourself 😉

I didn’t get to post anything for my loving partner yesterday because we actually spent the day promoting #SinIsland. I always say this, but I seriously could never imagine anyone being a better partner than you 😭 My love, your sincere support in everything I do never fails to overwhelm me and melt my heart. VDay isn’t really our thing, but I’ll take every chance there is to be proud of the biggest blessing God has given me. I love you, @billycrawford! ❤️❤️❤️

We are only able to do what we can because of the work He has started—and will complete—in us. Everything we have, everything we are, and everything we can be, is only possible because of God’s greatness and grace. I am constantly in awe of how my life unfolds whenever I decide to trust Him and surrender everything to Him. Truly, there is no better way than His way. He is my strength when I am weak, my confidence when I am in doubt, and my hope in times of despair. He is also my vindicator, my redeemer; He restores me when I feel like I have already emptied myself out. And when I feel like I am not enough, He reminds me that, on my own, I never will be. But why would I have to rely on myself anyway, when I have such an amazing God who is willing to fight all my battles for me? ❤️ Let us not be foolish enough to believe that we deserve to be credited for anything that goes right in our lives. We are only instruments in the hands of God. All glory and honor should forever be His alone, because no story can be better than what He has already written for us. ☝🏻

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! SIN ISLAND is finally out TODAY in cinemas nationwide! I’m so excited for you to get on this emotional rollercoaster with us! 😍 Tag us, Tweet us, comment, hashtag, and let us know what you think of #SinIsland! ❤️

The love and appreciation I have for this girl... @ria ❤️ Thank you for being the BEST and for making our trip a fun and eventful one! My heart is overflowing! I am so blessed to have you, Cuz! Here’s to more hikes and missed flights 😜 #AlohaMissGarcia

Thanks to good ol’ jet lag, I am now a morning person 🤩 Let’s see how long I’ll be able to keep this up, but so far I’m liking it better this way! ❤️ #AlohaMissGarcia

Beach bum #AlohaMissGarcia 🌞

Stay golden ☀️ #AlohaMissGarcia

Are the trees high enough, baby? #AlohaMissGarcia

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