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Cole Bramble  Robinson '19 - 94kg Team USA Olympic Weightlifter - 17

The one and only @emilyyyedenn and me

Prom part 2

5x5 with 4 wheels yesterday to start off a deload week... here’s the last 3 sets with 180kg/396lbs #moresquats @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

216kg/475lb back squat for 4 yesterday @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

A day-late congratulations to my friend Declan for committing to play some D-1 lacrosse at the Air Force Academy, I’m proud of you buddy 😁 #c4 #paisanos

230kg/506lb back squat from yesterday, still at 85kg 😁😕 @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

#nameamoreiconicduo #illwait

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Video highlights of the brother/sister duo of 17yo @colebramble and 15yo @morgan_bramble who shined at the CHFP National Qualifier last Sunday with strong 6/6 performances in prep for the National Junior Championships in February.
Morgan [53 kg] added 11kg to her competition best total with PR lifts of 58kg in the snatch and 75kg in the clean & jerk.
Scoreboard: 53-56-58/70-72-75 = 133

Cole, who has competed this past year as an undersized 94kg lifter, competed as a 85kg and added 27kg to his competition best in the 85kg class with a PR snatch of 133kg and a best clean of jerk of 162kg.
Scoreboard: 125-130-133/153-159-162 = 295

#siblings #weightlifting #youthweightlifting #NJC18 #chfp #chfpweightlifting #usaw #usaweightlifting #nikeweightlifting #athleteps

1 kg PR triple from behind the neck @ 157kg/345lb from this evening... I was tryna talk some heavy singles at the end but @caraheadsslaughter wasn’t about it 😕 @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

I lifted weights today in the order of 125-130-133/153-159-162 for a 295kg total weighing 84.6kg 😁 @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting #rolltide

127kg/279lb and 129kg/ 283lb snatches with a 153kg/336lb clean and jerk and a 157kg/345lb clean made for a pretty good heavy Saturday yesterday... bodyweight at 85.9kg/188lbs 😬 @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

161kg/354lb block clean double + front squat PR from yesterday... feels pretty good to PR something #legswya @chfpweightlifting #chfpweightlifting

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