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📷  Take a picture you could never recreate... (CR🌎)

Art is to console those who are broken by life -Van Gogh || #costarica #portrait #blackandwhite

#sunset #costarica #photography || Moravia, San José, Costa Rica.

Im low on gas and you need a jacket || 2017 #costarica

we needed a late night campfire, or the end of the world.
for everyone to save their pride,
say what they were really feeling,
to see back together relationships,
to apply salve for bruised souls,
and to heal one another as one again. || costa rica, 2017

I killed a part of me to keep yours alive || La Guaria, Costa Rica. 2017

in my deepest wound i saw your glory
and it astounded me || Zarcero, Costa Rica

Golden hour || San Carlos, Costa Rica.

San José, Costa Rica || setiembre 2016

The greatest way to represent love is not the heart, but the cross. Because the heart stops beating
but the man on the cross never stops loving || JEV Betania, 2016 #YoSoyJEV

La Guaria, Costa Rica || december 28th

i wish you could see what i can see

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