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Cold Cave

Looking forward to playing with @peakinglights and @joe_cardamone at the @theglasshousepomona on Sept 24! Tickets on sale now!

Happy to announce Cold Cave Fall 2017 dates on sale now (link in bio) with @PeakingLights @Joe_cardamone @drabmajesty @RitualHowls and supporting @thejesusandmarychaim

Cold Cave plays Cloak & Dagger Festival @GlobeTheatreLA October 20/21. On sale Friday Aug 4th 10am PST


I love Rock 'n' Roll. Supporting @jesusandmarychain in Europe this October. On sale now. Oct 5 - Aarhus
Oct 6 - Gothenburg
Oct 8 - Stockholm
Oct 10 - Helsinki
Oct 12 - Berlin
Oct 13 - Prague
Oct 14 - Vienna
Oct 15 - Munich
Oct 17 - Dublin

RIP #NICO October 16 1938 โ€“ July 18 1988

Listen to the EXCELLENT new @blackasteroid_official album 'THRUST' that's out today. Cold Cave is on 3 songs, along with features by Zola Jesus and Michele Lamy. On Spotify / Apple Music / Everywhere now.

Be here September 2nd. Happy 10 years @daisrecords Tix on sale now



Happy Father's Day to the coolest Dad. Thanks for showing us the world... ๐Ÿ–ค Amy Lee

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