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Cold Cave

Added a few last copies of Deathbeds and Thieves Of Youth to the @heartwormpress store. Photo via @random_embassy

Restocked and loaded. Available now. Link in bio.

The kids are the future. Thanks to the goth-parents @tonyhawk and @catherine_o for taking Rainer skating this weekend.

Thank you San Diego. See you at @spacebarsd again tonight. Photo by @radiantt_

SAN DIEGO- Join us this weekend for 2 nights and 2 sets at the grand opening of our friends' @spacebarsd

TENDER CEMETERY. Photo by Linda Nesse.

Sad to end tour but happy to play our last show in Warsaw. Eternal love to the fans, promoters and next level vegan meals.

The Metamorphosis

Nausea, the Earth and Me. Via @dangeroussfumes


I always wanted to ride a Ferris Wheel in a cave 400 feet beneath the Transylvanian floor.

Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!

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