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Found a case of old photos and started scanning.. this is 2001.
Went to Providence to record vocals for the first Some Girls 7” at a hole in the wall studio. @robxm had recorded the music in San Diego and mailed the recording to @jbannon and @deathwishinc for me to finish. I think Jake lived in Rhode Island at the time so @blackcoffee_ftw and I took the train down from Boston to meet him and we all went together. It was one of the first Deathwish releases and Jake bought a fifth of Jack Daniels per request to help me get the vocals and lyrics done, which Tom and I finished quick and easy. A few nights before I was drinking mescaline on my back porch in Boston with a few friends and the lyrics appeared but I never wrote them down, they just came out when the mic was on. Both Tom and Jake added vocals to The Rains and I asked Jake if he had any objection to singing ‘Christ, Fuck.’ He did not. Some Girls was really beautiful to me in the beginning, making music with Rob whose music in Unbroken had given me so much. There was an urgency and freedom in it that was starting to fade in AN as it became a band with responsibilities and expectations, some deserved and interesting, some not. Some Girls - The Rains was released on Deathwish Inc in 2002. “You were born with a choice at least So I'm not dropping any sympathy
And in my head I'm on my porch
Buildings across the street from me
Living lives too complete for me
Faces far too sweet for me
Hey, these are the rains you've read about
(and it's all coming down)
And I can't discredit beggars
Cause I for one have begged
i.e. dear world please leave me alone
Dear world please find me a home
And I'm not asking for a lot
I'm only wanting
To slip through the pavement
Christ, Fuck
These are the rains you've read about...” #wbw

Street Hassle.
2 yrs ago today - I’m wearing a baby.
Photo by @catherine_o

On sale now. Link above.

Please join us for two special performances at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA celebrating the 10th anniversary of Cold Cave's ‘Love Comes Close’ album, performed in it's entirety (and more) on Valentine's Day and the following day for Wesley's 40th Birthday. Tickets on sale Friday, September 14th at 10 am PST. Link above.

Ride a dove

Headed overseas in November for select dates with support from @choirboyslc
On sale now. Ticket link in bio.

So I went down with you..

Supernaturals Rise. 📷 by @nicolebusch for @flauntmagazine

Still reeling from the sold out @fondatheatre show. Love you forever. Photo by Mathew Tucciarone. 🌻

🏴 via @monsterdrew101

Love Comes Close. Sold out show tonight with @blackmarblenyc and @choirboyslc - show starts at 8:45.

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