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Colby Nichols  Creative Director @jolbyandfriends 🌲💚 Father of Noodle Buddies 🍜 😊 Want a Noodle Buddy? Email me below!

I’ve been obsessed with Spider-Man lately! Into the Spider-Verse was one of the best animated films I’ve ever seen! I’m also playing Spider-Man on PS4 which is just as amazing. This set was fun to draw. I’m so used to being in Photoshop with undo’s and color swapping. Feels good to start drawing and just commit.
This set of 5x7 Posca pen drawings is up for sale (I could do individuals, too). DM if interested!
#posca #poscapens #spiderman #spidermanintothespiderverse #spidermanps4 #fwip

Noodle Buddies Ramen Art Vending Machine 2.0 is alive! Come say hi this weekend at the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art & Craft Market from 11am - 6pm both Saturday and Sunday!
I have 100 Noodle Buddies that I’ll be selling and I’ll also be making Instant Ramen (Noodle Buddies drawn in front of your eyeballs while you direct me)!
Big thanks to the Noodle Attendants that will be inside the machine this weekend:
@_sarah_martin “Glitter Kitten”
@rachelcod “Sparkle Hose”
@jolbyjosh “Reef Machine”
@truenpence “Robo Borf”
@brettpstenson “Synth Snake”
@chrisforrette “Jormp Jomp”
And the biggest thanks and gross ewww kisses to @nevergirl “Snuggle Machine”
@craftywonderland #craftywonderland #pdx #portland #noodlebuddies

Celebrating 8 years of @jolbyandfriends today 😁

Today I led a conversation with the Jolby crew for one of our Learn Lunches about meditation and mindfulness, two tools that have helped me so much mentally. This is a reminder for everyone to take a break and workout that brain muscle of yours. Knock on it, listen to it, and make peace with it. 🙂✌️

Some fun spot illustrations I did with the crew at @jolbyandfriends for the Baseball to Portland Event.
#baseball #baseballtoportland #hillsborohops #portlandpickles

Super stoked to be bringing Noodle Buddies to @craftywonderland’s Holiday Art & Craft Market Dec 7, 8, and 9th at the Oregon Convention Center! It’s my first showing at Crafty’s bi-annual show since being there with @jolbyjosh years ago selling @jolbyandfriends prints.
I’ll be bringing my human-powered ramen art vending machine 2.0 and I’ve got some fun upgrades planned! I’ll be doing some live drawing, too! Mark your calendars!
#craftywonderland #craftywonderland2018 #noodlebuddies

⚡️Goobie, the Lizard Wizard.⚡️
Level 5 Wizard, sweet, kind, and kinda bashful. Currently aiding @d_lawrence and his crew in a D&D game I’m running & writing.
This Goobie was inspired by Goobie the Worm, a character hidden throughout a lot of @jolbyandfriends work!
#dnd #5e #dndcharacter #posca #poscapens #goobie

✨Noodle Buddies Online Shop!✨
I’m testing out if this is gonna work on insta, so here we go!
How this works:
Each Noodle Buddy is $20 with free US shipping
Comment below or DM me which Buddy you’d like
I’ll DM you to complete the purchase
NB Online Batch No. 1
No. 182: Pankle
No. 103: Cracky
No. 124: Slurpo
No. 100!: Infinite
No. 148: Steeeeeve
No. 162: Grey Wyrm
No. 141: Big Green
No. 127: PRIDE!
Each Noodle Buddy is 5” x 7”, an original drawing made using POSCA pens on fine art paper, individually stamped named and numbered.
#noodlebuddies #ramenart #poscapens

New Noodle Buds!
No. 187 “Big Pink”
No. 185 “Dink Dink”
No. 186 “Cartouche”
No. 184 “Delores”
No. 191 “Valen”
No. 182 “Pankle”
No. 179 “Sparkle Darkle”
Come snag one of these or any of the other 100 or so Noodle Buddies I’m bringing to @landpdx during the Mississippi St Fair Saturday July 14 from 10am - 4pm! See you there!
Each Noodle Buddy is an original drawing using Posca acrylic paint pens. They are 5” x 7” and are packed with giggly vibes.
#mississippistreetfair #landgallery #illustration #noodle_buddies

I'm really excited to share with you the branding for Noodle Buddies! I wanted the logo and type to feel like it was drawn using the same markers that I use to make the buds. Noodle Buddies is going to make its public debut at the Mississippi Street Fair July 14 at Land Gallery! I'll have a special thing there displaying the Noodle Buddies that I'm stoked for you to see. I'm making 100 Noodle Buddies for the event that will each be signed, numbered, stamped, and named. Come say hi!
Mississippi Street Fair
Land Gallery
July 14th 10am - 5pm
@landpdx #mississippistreetfair #mississippi #noodlebuddies

I had so much fun last night at Kükie’s Slurp Shack Episode 6! Steven made incredible Tsukemen for over 40 people and I drew them each a Noodle Buddy! I’m up to 80 Noodle Buddies drawn as of today and I can’t believe how stoked everyone was last night. Here are some of the highlights from the night.
@kukiesslurpshack @ksprzk #kukiesslurpshack #noodlebuddies

I’m teaming up with @ksprzk for a night of incredible ramen made by Steven and custom Noodle Buddies made by me on June 2nd for Episode 6 of Kükie’s Slurp Shack! Head over to Stevens insta to see how you can snag a seat: 👉 @ksprzk
I love drawing things for people on-the-spot and it’s gonna be a great night of noodles!
#kukiesslurpshack #noodlebuddies #jolbyandfriends

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