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I love it when a waterfall is positioned perfectly by mother nature for sunset or sunrise. In situations like has to believe that Mother Nature was a photographer in a past life ;) Where is your favorite and most consistent spot for either sunrise or sunset because of the direction it faces?

If there is one thing I love about Iceland it is that the weather is always changing. They say that if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes, which I have found to be absolutely true after visiting the country for over 7 years now.

The good news is that this is also why Iceland has some of the most incredible light and color you can find around the globe.

Do you prefer dramatic weather or are you a blue skies and sunshine kind of person? ;)

An incredible sunrise reflection from Laguna Amarga, found just outside the Eastern End of Torres del Paine National Park. This is actually part of a 6 image panorama, making up well over 200mp of image goodness.

Do you shoot alot of panoramas? If not, why not?

An early morning pre-dawn long exposure shot of the famous Mt. Fitz Roy in Southern Patagonia. My good friend @jazurephotography and I had camped up in these mountains the night before, allowing us to roll out of our warm sleeping bags to an incredibly cold morning chill. Most people don't realize but the cold point of the day happens just before sunrise, which I suppose makes all that extra effort worth while.

What do you think a good title for this image should be? Can you see any of the stars twinkling in the sky above?

Happy #WorldElephantDay ! These amazing creatures need our love, support and protection. I have been fortunate enough to photograph Elephants in the wild in Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and SE Asia over the years, which has given me an ever greater respect for these incredibly intelligent animals.

This photo is of a young African Elephant grabbing a quick drink of water at sunset in Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia.

Photo taken with a Sony a9 + Sony 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 GM lens. #sonyalpha

When it comes to finding epic locations to photograph the Northern Lights, it is hard to do better than Northern Norway. Located above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are a hot spot for winter photographers to check out and explore. I have been running workshops up there for a few years and each February I look forward to going back, finding new spots and showing clients there first experience with the Aurora.

Have your seen the Northern Lights before? If so, what was it like?

Photo taken with a Sony a7R III w/ 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens #sonyalpha

I have always wondered what was at the end of a 🌈...turns out it is a Russian tourist in Iceland who gave my photo a bit of perspective ;)

Wild Patagonia - Did you know that often times the best light for sunrise happens 30 minutes before the sun actually crosses the horizon? This small amount of time between dawn and daylight can be magical with the right conditions!

This photo is the 3rd image I have shared here on IG this week from the same morning in Patagonia, proving the value in learning how to work a scene rather that stay in one spot the entire time.

One of the reasons I love sunrise so much is that most other people don't like getting up early. This makes these moments all that much more special and personal. Do you agree?

Today it is hot and humid out here in the East Coast of the US, which has me day dreaming of cooler times and cooler places. An obvious escape would be exploring the famous black sand beachs of Jokulsarlon in the South of Iceland.

What would you give to be there right now?

There is something magical and visiting places such as Patagonia, Norway or Iceland, all locations that are known to have pretty intense weather. While you risk getting rained out or having to deal with 100mph wind gusts, the payoff when things do come together is pretty incredible. The sunrise the morning I shot this photo in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia was super intense. The bright dramatic Ray's of the run not only lit up the surrounding clouds, but danced across the jagged face of the mountains as well.

This photo was taken just minutes apart from the last photo I shared here on IG, which reminds me of a good lesson!

Don't fixated on shooting just a single composition when you are out there shooting. Look around and try to be as preceptive as possible. I usually shot with two cameras for this very reason.

What are your thoughts?

An incredible sunrise in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia. I always love capturing a scene where the beauty and color of Mother Nature is so great, that even the RAW file coming out of my camera looks fake.

Where have you witnessed something similar?

When it comes to spectacular sunrises, it is hard to beat a place such as the US Virgin Islands. This photo is from Sapphire Beach on the Eastern edge of St. Thomas. With so many rocky outcrops, you have your choice of foreground elements.

To get this shot I had to stand in the water as the waves came barrelling through. Both my Sony a7R III and I got a bit wet...but it was well worth it!

How close are you willing to get to moving water to get the best possible shot?

Photo edited with @lightroom and Photoshop
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