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C o l a M a n ❄  🔴Ready for this refreshing carbonated flavor?👌⚫ Handcrafted in the USA. 🇺🇸 #colaman ❄💨 Business inquiries:

We love the response Colaman Lime has received around the world! The disbelief on its composition, the excitement at first taste, and the joy it’s bringing to those around it, have really hit home for us! Colaman Lime is an essential piece to your daily rotation of ejuice! Share you experience with us!

Look at them sitting there all cute. They are patiently waiting to be given the honor to please your taste buds! Colaman Lime is still all the rave right now! How’s everyone summer going?! ☀️

This is as real as it gets. Bring some excitement into your life and indulge in the full experience! Colaman Lime is waiting for you.

People often ask themselves if there is any better Cola flavor out there. Truth is, the only thing better is two bottles of Colaman! ✌🏽🤣 Make sure you stock up for the summer! Blistering hot days are here, and Colaman Lime will keep you sane and refreshed!

Indulge in our sweet mist of cola and lime! Let the excitement take over when the ice cold cola washes over your palate, and the spritz of lime chases soon after! The flavors dance on your tongue with true to life carbonation! Colaman Lime is your summer selection!

What a pairing! Only the best choose the best! Are we wrong? Of course not! You can never go wrong with Colaman Lime! @elysiaalessia 💕

HAPPY 4th OF JULY EVERYONE!!! 🇺🇸 Be safe and have fun out there! Don’t blow too many clouds now! You won’t want to miss those fireworks! Make sure you have a bottle of Colaman Lime by your side, and soak it ALL IN! Thank you all for your continued support!!! ✊🏽

We love you Guadalajara! What an experience for Colaman! I think it is safe to assume that you loved us back! Guadalajara sets the bar for the level of excitement we would like to see from our fans and vapers out there! Thank you for your support! ❤️

You ever heard of a “fun” ejuice before? Well, I guess there’s a first for everything right? Colaman ejuice is a full experience you’ll want to share with your loved ones! One inhale and watch them light up with excitement, shock, and surprise! It’s one of the best feelings 🙌🏽

BAM! Bet you aren’t ready for this explosion of flavor! We continue to surprise the world with the most defined ejuice on the market! Nobody likes drooling over a flavor description, only to be left confused with what they tasted. Colaman Lime is EXACTLY what you would expect it to be! Give it a shot!

Colaman Ejuice contains every single component to capture the true essence of our favorite fizzy drink. It is of no surprise to us that our product has captivated many vapers from around the world! We strive to give real definition to “premium” ejuice! Colaman is more than a is an EXPERIENCE! ❤️

Oops!🤭 We made a bit of a mess...😅 We got a little too excited when we realized that Summer 2018 is finally here! Any big plans this summer guys?! Those planning to enjoy the summer sun, don’t forget the essentials! Water, Sunscreen, and Colaman Lime!

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