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Too bad I am still sitting at the gate after being on the plane already for 87 minutes. Oh and way to treat your first class customers, no drinks or anything while we sit here for no reason at all. Why put us on the plane if it's an hour and half before pushback?? Great thank you for flying over 60,000 miles already this year! Thanks @delta !! Time to start rethinking my primary carrier.
#delta #laguardia #skymiles #platinummedallion #toomanytimes

Cocked, Locked, and ready to Beach! Looking for the best spot to down a few adult beverages! with @cohnski .
#longbeach #nycdaytrips #daydrinking @theauchentoshan

How to optimize your small living space and make your NYC apartment feel big.
Step 1: Find a good spot in a desirable neighborhood near Central Park.
Step 2: Get some small chic furniture to make the place look nice.
Step 3: Invite a trio of Russians to live with you for two weeks with all of their luggage!
Step 4: Watch them leave and take their things and enjoy your 450 sq ft without 5 grown adults living in it!
#newyork #smallliving #family #vacation #backtonormal

First time for the in-laws to see Time Square at night! ... with @cohnski @mhakos .
#newyork #inlaws #vacation

Arrr, a pirate ship on the Hudson!

Boomer practicing his doggy paddle!
#boomercohn #newyorkstate

Just chillin' with Boomer on the pier...
#lake #newyork #boomerincentralpark

When you work in the middle of the street, I guess you break in the middle of the street too...

Needed a little lunch, so we ordered 4 "brot"s. Wanted some brats, bratwurst... Didn't realize brot means bread!
#fail #stupidamericans #cologne

Our first weekly share from our local CSA. Not bad for $15!
#centralparkwestcsa #eatlocal #csa

Who says I don't prop my employees up?!?

Start off the night with an oyster shooter!

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