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•Hey everyone! So i finally made my desicion and i will leave this fandom and deactivate it's so hard for me to leave this fandom because i have so much memories here and i've been in this account supporting dani for 2 years! i just feel like no one loves me or cares about me or anything and it doesn't make any difference if i'm in the fandom or not i think it's a better idea to leave this fandom and anyways i just want to say sorry if i ever did something wrong to you and thanks to all of you for everything i appreciate it and leaving this fandom doesn't mean i don't love dani perhaps i love her more than anyone and i might give this account to someone i know personally and i just want to tell you that im not doing this for attention and i will never change my decision! Bye everyone i will miss this fandom so much but it's the right thing to do🖤

•I still can't believe that Tim passed away he was one of my favorite DJ's he was a kind person and he had an amazing personality the fact that he passed away at such a young age is so heartbreaking may his soul rests in peace you will be forever in our hearts we will miss you so much💔

•Tbh vicky was scared af💀

•Her Swimsuit is cute😍

•This family have a special place in my heart🔐🖤
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•Good morning🏹❤

•Comment which one do you like🖤

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•Comment your fav two😍

•Beauty Queen😍

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