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Cait McPherson  It's hard to follow my crazy life. Brace yourself

Guys I'm freaking out. Hail and everything. 😱😱😱

Just this though... 🌫️⚑

Sooooo I said I didn't get any pictures but @the_piratequeen got a cute picture of me in Merrill before the maid cafe on Saturday!
I'm so happy! It's nearly complete now and I'm actually really fond of the new tradition of wearing an unfinished cosplay to figure out what works and what needs tweaking. Also wondering if I should buy a wig for perfect accuracy? I already have elf ears in mind.
#katsucon2018 #merrill #da2cosplay #dragonagecosplay #merrillcosplay

Didn't get a pic of any cosplays but I can do an at home Photoshop later! Wearing a froppy kigurumi made by @shado_craft_cosplay ! #katsucon2018

New phone hoo dis?πŸ“± #galaxys8 I'm super pumped guys you have no idea

πŸ’€Finally got a couple photos.πŸ’€ Merrill was a lot of work and I'm still not even close to finished. I have to make a few edits (making it easier to take off is one of em) but overall it was fun!
This is jut a simple version of it but I still felt part of the faire. The staff itself was made by my boyfriend and his roommate. It got so many compliments! The entire costume was hand sewn by me. #marylandrenaissancefestival #dragonagecosplay #merrillcosplay #dragonage2cosplay #da2cosplay #dragonage #da2 #rennfaire #dragonagemerrill #merrill

some progress shots for Merrill! it's going a lot smoother than I have expected. Wil be wearing a prototype version for the renn faire but not legitimate Merrill. just an elf haha.

@lunarpies813 My sis and I getting din din~~ 🍞

heavily debating which one I should make and if someone would be willing to do group cosplay with these guys in the ending sequence because yes!

8-21-17 .
When the light in the sky dimmed just a bit, your light shone brighter in my heart.
Thank you love for everything you have done. Thank you for being a better person for yourself. Thank you for your love that never really waned at all.
And stop kissin me for two seconds so I can take pictures dammit!

Celebrate!! Happy bday Barry! (also margaritas)

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