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Totally stealing @pcue’s photo without permission because it was an awesome weekend and @cochonbutchernola was a KILLER lunch. Apparently my “hardcore metal” face is very similar to my “happy smiling” face. I need to work on that. #sonotmenacing

Barista the HECK out of it. Because the best baristas just add cream to coffee. I wonder if there’s a rosetta-shaped nozzle...

When you don’t need so much seating. 🤣🤣 #KiaDad #HKxKia #sweepstakes But seriously - the Sorento SUV is nice, but the Stinger is FUN. Nice oomph. Super comfortable. Surprisingly roomy trunk. Thanks for the ride, @kiamotorsusa! #dad2summit


Costco has a machine that automatically sauces pizza. The robots haven’t eliminated humans yet.

Morning coffee thoughts; I wonder if high butter brioche dough would make a good doughnut? @greenwaybarista @morningstarhou (Photo not mine, from Wikimedia, but appropriate)

Merry Christmas to me.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

The season can make us do some crazy things. Exhibit A: I made my first egg nog latte (welll, cappuccino) today. Umm...

Oh, my. Shout out to all my Canadian friends; this is apparently how we do south of the border...

Jason Momoa: Great human being. Bad spokesman for a closer shave. 🤣

By contrast, since I never did it, my #2016bestnine. Clearly, I spent more time in the kitchen. Easier to do when you aren’t upending your life. 😳

Yeah, that’s about right. A predictably short-lived commitment to exercise (need to prioritize that), a sarcastic salad, new job (YAY!), feeling official at the new job, birthday interviews for the job that (in hindsight, happily) got away, knives, siper special bourbon, near and dear friends (stay #hhife, @stillfresh_bbc!) and a cup of coffee. Thanks for the memories! #2017bestnine


This is what happens when you routinely work late and don’t give enough of a damn to cook. #drysalad #justlettuceleaves #dontjudge (📷: @christinebpc)

It comes for all of us eventually?
(Someone at Target had a sense of humor.)

Well, that’s a pattern I’ve never seen before.

Looks like Big K has been dipping into the Special K... #umm #nothanks

TFW you’re walking through the tunnels and turn a corner where @millsmccoin is yelling at you.

#overlydramaticcappuccino is silently judging you and your choices across the table at brunch. *puffs on cigarette*

Obligatory grab-a-photo-before-everybody-descends shot. @diestelturkey sous vide turkey per @chefsteps (no Normal Rockwell, sorry), baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and a cauliflower stuffing from a recipe my mother-in-law found (seriously good). Not pictured are the cranberries and the pumpkin pie (store-bought frozen). In the words of Bill Paxton (EDIT: Pullman) at the end of Independence Day, “Not bad; not bad at all.” Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Thankful for all the great teachers in my life. My coaches in job seeking, my new colleagues, and my #coffeefamily among many, many more. Life is full of teachers if you slow down to listen. Thank you all. #overlydramaticcappuccino

What happens when you work too long a day, and you need to make some dinner, and your brain says “Salad! Easy. Cut some stuff up!” And your heart says “Cook something! Use the pork, Luke!” (Because, really, all our hearts sound like Sir Alec Guinness.) What you end up with is a sort of East-meets-West stir fry. Soy-marinated pork with carrots, celery and green onions in a chicken stock/lemon juice/cornstarch sauce. Thanks to seeing @thedrinkingfish last week, I’m trying to get my butt in front of the stove more. Again. Also, portrait mode lighting is still ridiculous for food photography. 🤣🤣🤣 #instadinner #stirfry #eastwest #notfusion #wequitsayingfusionyearsago #homey #homecooking

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