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Mike Tremoulet

Butter Chicken in the Instant Pot. A "gateway" curry, if you will. Roasted riced cauliflower to accompany. Oddly, there's no butter in it. #boysfirstcurry #instacurry #curriesofinstagram #cooksomedamnfood

For some reason, @kshilcutt keeps popping to mind. Hm. No matter; hope all is well! 😂

Lazy, freeloading fortune cookie. Passing the buck to the next fortune. #youhadonejob

Channeling @vinman1141 today - changing out switches and outlets. Haven't shocked myself (yet). So far, so good. Taking it slow. 😵

"American Heritage: Mexican Style". 😂 Spotted in a Wal-Mart. Remember that diversity makes America great every day. #talesfromthegrocerystore

Free Comic Book Day haul from @bedrockcitycomics! Five great titles. Three more as a bonus for donating to the cause. The most important two are in the center. First, a copy signed by @adalhouse, the colorist for much of the issue. Comics aren't a solo endeavor by any means. Somebody writes; somebody else pencils and inks, somebody letters, and somebody colors. It's a labor of love and much more intricate than one might expect. So, get to know & support the artists. Great guy to talk to, and excellent colorist! Second is the deck of cards. Free comics are great and all, but they're a means to get people interested in the art and storytelling. And like so many other shop local movements, its supremely important to support the local comic book store. The people are great and their ability to curate the titles available - big names and esoteric - and match people to books is so important. Every purchase helps, even if it's the Green Lantern coffee mug I bought last year or the deck of cards I bought this year. (We're downsizing; I'm not buying comics at the moment. Still love them.) So, went out for FCBD and only came home with free stuff? Go back and buy something! Talk to the people. They'll help you find the right thing.

Pork Milanese @presidiohtx - an elusive creature, rarely remaining in one place long enough to be photographed. Telltale signs are the squeezed lemon and sounds of contentment nearby. #DinnerBySirDavidAttenborough

This guy. Before Houston specialty coffee boomed, before so many great local roasters sprang up, there was Craig. He's been making coffee for me for 15+ years (yikes). He was one of the first baristas I followed to place to place, because #coffeefamily. A great barista is like a good bartender - get to know the regulars, start up a conversation, get to know you. We swap parenting stories. I get so many good music recommendations from him - and I had no idea about his hip-hop side for years. One of the best people I call friend. Good to catch up, man.

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What! What! Tha' Homie Coffee Mike In The Area ... @coffeemike #hhifefam

Found this piece by @alisonacook, recycled as packing material, during home renovation. Eight years later and @agricolehtx (seriously? chef isn't on instagram?) still knows plenty about good charcuterie. Here's to staying power and long, fruitful careers!

When your Indian colleague comes to visit and requests Indian food, must go to Kaiser Lashkari's Himalaya restaurant. Very excited about this!

Walmart's going fancy, y'all...

Local pizza place ran out of plastic knives; I've got 99 problems but cutting pizza ain't one. Not exactly "top soldier" material, but it puts the "everyday" in everyday carry. Props, @benchmadeknifecompany.

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