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Mike Tremoulet

When your Indian colleague comes to visit and requests Indian food, must go to Kaiser Lashkari's Himalaya restaurant. Very excited about this!

Walmart's going fancy, y'all...

Local pizza place ran out of plastic knives; I've got 99 problems but cutting pizza ain't one. Not exactly "top soldier" material, but it puts the "everyday" in everyday carry. Props, @benchmadeknifecompany.

Finally came to @presidiohtx for my birthday. Y'ALL. Run, don't walk, to get here. Incredible. Such a great experience, start to finish.

Thirty nine. Spending it in another city, multiple states away, on a job interview day. Going dark to (hopefully) crush it.

I ran into a former colleague and old friend last night, who introduced me to her husband as "a wonderful cook; you should see his pictures he posts". Very kind words I am grateful to hear.

This, however, is NOT that.

This is what happens after you spend a Saturday working through job search tasks while in the middle of a kitchen remodel when you have next to no kitchen, and you ran errands, and it's late, and you're just hungry, and... "Nacho chicken a la IDGAF."
Open one can of shredded chicken with the Swiss Army knife (Pioneer) that you can lay hands on while the can opener is in a box. Use the knife when the can opener tool only works about half the time. Drain water and put in a bowl.
Pour over about half a jar of Newman's Own salsa con queso (mild) which didn't look too bad on the store shelf despite the vaguely racist mustache drawn on Paul.
Heat gently in the microwave until warm and melts. Top with a minced half onion because your Opinel No. 6 knife was super sharp and nearby, and you're a knife nut.
Serve with grocery pork rinds because we ain't fancy but we are more or less Paleo (mainly just low-carb) at home so no chips.

Not half bad, actually. Might do again.

Canned chicken: It's better than I expected although salted within an inch of its culinary life and has a vaguely ham-like flavor for it. The cats (who, admittedly, eat turducken from a can) insisted this was theirs and remained underfoot until I stopped to feed them.

The queso is decidedly mild, and reminds me squarely of concession stand nachos from a little league game or last year's church carnival.

It ain't high art for sure, but it's tasty and filling and making me happy enough right now.

But hey, at least the granite looks great! 😂

As I bathe in the neon glow, I think, "I need ya, Lucky Cat. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old Chicken Curry, I need your magic." #DoAndroidsDreamOfElectricTso

When you have no kitchen but must morning. Saved the essentials; this is my "roughing it" kit. 😂 Much love to @baratza @bonavitaworld @oxo @rticcoolers @southsidehou @bluebottle for getting me through this dark time of kitchen renovation. ❤️

Working at my happy place today.

Cauliflower and onion in a coconut milk/gochujang/peanut butter sauce. Weird, in a William S. Burroughs-as-Chef Boyardee way, but it works. Not bad for having no clear plan.

Finally met @twizz_3seas in person last weekend @bl4cksmith when @whisenants71 and daughter came from out of town. I can attest, the man pulls an excellent shot of espresso. Don't just know your coffee shops, get to know the baristas IN the shops. #coffeefamily #coffeeismoremanthanmachine

I've heard of capturing methane from bovine waste and using it for energy, but come ON. Spotted in SAN airport. Where's the "shark jumped" emoji?

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