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They call me Mafer.  ★Mexican-Doodler★ STORE by TICTAIL & RB I like cartoons + Ben Whishaw 👽COMMISSIONS OPEN👽 FEED ME, HUMAN THINGS

GODS!! Percys birthday and people is been tagging me in PJO fanart I did about three years ago!! It’s so funny because Percy Jackson still have an special place in my heart even when the story went down and main plots were basically messed up but nvm, that was the door for me to get into digital art and internet media, thanks to Percy I met mostly of my today friends and people really important for me... anyway!! I’m posting this little comic about Percy being loved by their friends and Nico being tsundere :) 💙💙💙 #PercyJackson #PJO #HappyBirthdayPercyJackson #coffeemakerway

Venting drawing #InvaderZim #Coffeemakerway

Mmm whoever did the stickers edit thank you. #LOVE_YOURSELF #BTS #coffeemakerway #SoBrightItBurnsYourEyes

It’s been a long time since my last watercolor drawing and I feel so rusty about it 😂 I can’t even hold the markers without my hand shaking‼️ #BT21 #Coffeemakerway

Lil GIR for venting 😪💔 #InvaderZim #Coffeemakerway

I’m sorry for burning your eyes. I love you guys, space vibes for everyone #UFOLDoc #Coffeemakerway

HATERS GONNA HATE BI || THEY ARE SO OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE 😰😰😰💕💕💕 just in case, my baby boy Jinnie and Yoongi 💦💦 #BTS #coffeemakerway #KimSeokjin #MinYoongi

GUYS I WANT THE CONVERSE SO IM ENTERING THE #DRAW_BT21 CHALLENGE!!!! Swipe for red basic!! #bt21 #BTS #Converse #Coffeemakerway

💫INTRODUCING “COMET JONES”💫 new translator and assistant of the customer service department. Personality: he’s a cat, what were you expecting. #UFOLDoc #Coffeemakerway

You can unfollow me because this is what I’m going to be talking about from now || Anyway! More like a drawing this was a coloring piece, really the stress relief was amazing 😭💖 I love adding shadows in red hehe || #BTS #kimseokjin #coffeemakerway

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