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〰Tema〰 ستابخان 🦄🌈  🎓 Masters in Disability Policy & Practice 💫 Disability support worker 📝 Freelance writer 🌻 Relief SSO 📍 #Adelaide 🇦🇺 ♥J

Is it just me or does it feel like it's a "keep 'em comin'" kinda day? 😅 ☕✨
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(Sun)day for it! ☀🍳
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BRB just cooling down with this pleasing and fluffy drink ~ The Pineapple Cloud 🍍~ from @florencerooftopbar 🍹☀
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Just your basic B dancing to a sweet, caffeine-laced tune on this glorious Wednesday arvo 👯‍♀️☕💕
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Blueberry Fields at @florencerooftopbar - best served chilled in the presence of abundant sunshine! 🍹☀
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How did it take so long to get to FriYAY but also speed up to be December tomorrow?! 🙆🏽‍♀️ 💥
Either way, I'm getting my drink on - silly season and whatnot 😛🍹

@purple__zombie 💜📷

When the girls go to launch the @maltshoveltaphouseadelaide and reach for glasses of sparkling 🥂😛
Conveniently located in a prime spot by the Adelaide Riverbank, brand new beer bar @maltshoveltaphouseadelaide has 16 beers on tap, so whether you're going to the Footy, watching a show at the Festival theatre, or simply need a place for after-work drinks, there's something refreshing for everyone 🍻
With an impressive outdoor setting and a spacious indoor area, beer lovers can come together and enjoy a pint (or few) in the upcoming summer season! ☀🍻

@aurora_bnz 💓📷

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Pretty chuffed because:
This dress finally fits me 🍑
My visa got granted for a year 🎉

Cheers, Straya, you bloody beauty 😛🇦🇺

@yourbaeray 💞📷

Another fun fact: I convinced @jaysusvonlumberjack to do the Blue course (next level up from the introductory course) so that I could "get some photos" for my article, when in reality, I was just being a little wuss who didn't have the confidence to take on the challenge 🙈
It's safe to say that next time we visit @treeclimb.adelaide, the roles will be reversed (whether I like it or not) 😂
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Fun fact: after a 10 minute freak out over jumping off the edge, I ended up having the (2nd) best zipline experience of my life! 🌳🌳🌳
Obviously not me in the photo bc I was married to that harness like my life depended on it 🙆🏽‍♀️
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Summer is coming in less than a week and to make the most of it, why not check out Adelaide's newest adventure playground - @treeclimb.adelaide 😍🌳
Chances are that you've heard of this magical space but may not know much about it and if that's the case, I did an interview with GM Danni Robson about how TreeClimb became a reality (link in bio ✨)
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Matcha Lava Tart in its most authentic and delicious form 🤤💚

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