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ॐ Shauna Welch ॐ  "This version of myself is not permanent."

I hope you find your peace 🌿❤


Swipe to see why I put my hair up 😁🌼💕

You are manifesting your entire life !!!

My very first acrylic pour 💙

(so apropos:
saw death on a sunny snow)
"for every life..."
"forgo the parable."
"seek the light."
" knees are cold."
(running home, running home, running home, running home)

Thank you for being you 💛💫

This is planty. Seth surprised me with him when I was sick ❤ Our room has been much more lively with his presence 🌱

Happy #internationalwomensday to the girl who changed my life completely. Who showed me what a real friendship felt like. And showed me that I have the power to make my life something magical just by seeing it as such. I feel so lucky to be able to hear the extraordinary thoughts from her head and witness her beauty and growth even if we've been thousands of miles apart for 6 months. She's the most kind, intelligent, creative, badass woman I know. @star_.light._ I wish you could see yourself through my eyes 💫❤

What emotion is most difficult for you to express?
Mine is love.
Joy, fear, sadness, anger... those all come so easy to me. But when it comes down to opening my heart, being vulnerable, and expressing my love and gratitude towards another human being...
I choke.
My chest becomes heavy, and a lump forms in my throat, as if I'm physically unable to speak the words I feel so deeply.
And I don't want to hold back anymore. I want to be comfortable speaking my heart and mind and truth to anyone I feel called to speak it to.
So to anyone who feels this way too, your words are important. All of them. Especially the words that explain how you feel. ESPECIALLY the words you feel about somebody. I guarantee you, they are words worth speaking. 💫

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