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Got to spend the day playing and hiking with my favorite animals - wolves 🐺 This one’s name is Ryder. These creatures have so much to learn from in how they communicate, dignify and respect each other. Many cultures often vilify wolves in books and movies, which have led people to think these animals are aggressive and hostile. They’re actually the opposite. Even tho they have three times the jaw strength of a German Shepherd, they don’t attack humans, or even rival wolf packs. They are unusually shy and reserved and prefer the silence. I was surprised to learn that “alpha” wolves are not domineering and vicious, but revered as the calmest and most stable of the pack and lead through quiet confidence. The pack we met today was extraordinarily perceptive of our behavior and curiously watched us from a distance before approaching. I can’t stress enough how emotionally in-tune and intelligent these creatures are. Roaming with this pack was such a humbling experience. I feel like we have a lot to learn from wolves and everyone should get the full experience of spending time with a wolf pack. Huge thanks to our hosts at @wolfconnection for the amazing day 🖤

Mercy may be a pretty thing but it isn’t very productive 🐍🌊

So much heat coming this year with these two 🐺🐺 Beyond grateful for you @krewellajahan @krewellayasmine 2018 legendary 🇵🇰🇺🇸

New @officialsomo - #WakeUpCall out at midnight ✖️✖️one of my favs I’ve produced :) happy nye! 🎆

New @officialsomo - #50Feet out now ✖️✖️

First glimpse of the Falcon 9 SpaceX launch 🚀

si tu ne rêves pas, tu es déjà mort ✨

Become more aware of who is really worth your energy -🖤+

Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fantasy. Be thankful for struggle. Without it, you wouldn’t be strong. The things you take for granted someone else is praying for. Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time - it’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it. Expect nothing and appreciate everything :)

Finish what you start. So many of us share our goals before we even get started. “I’m going to lose 10lbs”, “I’m going to start a business”, “I’m going to invent something that will help people”, “I’m going to make ten times more money this year”. These are all great ambitions to have, but over-sharing can actually be detrimental to accomplishing your goal. Most people will praise you rather than challenge you - and while praise f e e l s great, it causes your brain to fire unnecessary amounts dopamine, giving you a false sense of accomplishment before even getting started. If you really want to accomplish a goal, get started, stay committed, and work your ass off until it’s finished. It won’t be easy, especially if it’s a great idea, but the key is to keep your nose to the ground and finish what you start. ⚡️

Modern science claims that there are 10,000 stars for every single grain of sand on earth. Think about this the next time you’re on the beach, driving hours up the coastline or dumping out the sand from your shoe after a hike. Crazy to me how many people still think the universe revolves around themselves.

Keep it simple 🤪

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