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Cody Leone  💪🏻I’m probably lifting, gaming, or cooking 🍻If not, I’m drinking an IPA 💵Entrepreneur Mindset 🙏🏻Positive Vibes Only 💻Twitch Streamer

#HANDSTAND push-ups...Just messin around🤓 no wall assistance soon...gotta set some fun goals to match your serious lifts💪🏻 Anyone have any tips?! First time doing these

Leg day #FEELS🤕 Love? Hate? Who knows. Just squat some heavy fucking weight and break those mental barriers down...only then will gains be made. Am I right?
Body Weight : 172lbs
Last set : 405x4
Depth could have been better


Swipe ⬅️Working on a new squat form! Focusing on closer stance, toes more outward, opening hips more, and keeping it slow and controlled down while exploding up💪🏻 315x8 real easy weighing around 173-175

IG is flooded with motivational posts everywhere...motivation is great, but temporary. It's not long term. Self discipline is. Stay focused #fitfam💪🏻

In honor of cutting season...Transformation of four years💪🏻 Time to blow that right physique out of the water this time around🔪#grind #letsgetit

Teach me how to handstand plz...(it's a work in progress) Love throwing fun stuff in at the end of workouts. Keeps things interesting🙃

#SWIPE👈🏻 Today's lift was a blast. Worked up to heavy singles and then had some fun with sets of 315. Body weight :178lbs. Who loves SKWATSSS?!🤘🏻👏🏻

545 still moving easy🙏🏻 mock meet soon for new pr's💪🏼 swipe for some more back action📷 body weight :178....drop a comment with your personal best deadlift !!

Can't forget about that accessory work. As much as I love strength training, you gotta get that HYPERTROPHY in💪🏻👏🏻 on a mission for dem boulder shoulders!!

Feel every rep. Destroy every set. Music loud. Outside world silent💪🏻💯 the best therapy. Who agrees👌🏻

Been gone. Now I'm back. New gym, new motivation. Ready to get STRONG. Everyone falls off once in awhile but every time you take one step back, you just gotta take two steps forward. Forget the past, pave a better future💯💪🏻

Getting back on that strength training. Ended off with some overload slingshot work💪🏻Feels GOOD getting strong again🙌🏻 weighing in around 175😴 bench has always been my weak point, who's with me?😭

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